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Why I love my accountability partners

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Today is about why I love my accountability partners! This post is way off the topic of home decor and more about life in general. So many of you have emailed about my latest post on my grandfather and a lot of you have been asking for more of my nutrition journey.

The blog is in a bit of a transition period (we have a new site design is being launched the weekend)  at the moment as my life has changed quite a bit in the last couple years, much of which I have not shared publicly. Maybe one day I will 😉.

I have decided to share more than home decor and DIY projects as I have so many other things in my life that I want to share too. I am considering starting another blog (I own my name / the url) that will share more of my life personally, family life and a variety of personal topics but I am not sure yet.

What do you think? Should I keep Four Generations One Roof just for home, decor and food or comingle the nutrition journey, multigenerational living and life stuff in general? Email or comment below with your thoughts!

Why I love my accountability partners

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Do you know why accountability partners are so important? Because they keep you going! They keep you grounded and real. Do you know what I mean? My friends below are probably one of the best groups of ladies I know. Driven and passionate about working from home helping others get healthy, earning an income while doing it  and super motivated to help others do the same. How awesome is that? 

Why I love my accountability partners

Why I love my accountability partners

A year ago this month, my gram passed away.  Little did I know that new friendships would be made, new opportunities would present themselves and most importantly, I would find a new passion in feeling like I did when I was in my 20’s!

Why I love my accountability partners

You guys, there is something to say for amazing energy, clarity and your health. 

It doesn’t matter what you call your accountability partners. They can be your clan, your tribe, your support group…..whatever you call it, it’s important to have it! You are more apt to quit on yourself than you are a friend right? I mean, if I tell someone I am going to meet them to do something, I will be there.  Before I go I will leave you with this. If you are looking for an accountability partner to lose weight, gain energy, build lean muscle or just have overall better nutrition, we can help.  If you like money and want to work part time in the pockets of your day from your phone, then ask me how 😉. 



Meet Jessica

What started as a hobby, Jessica’s blog now has millions of people visit yearly and while many of the projects and posts look and sound perfect, life hasn’t always been easy. Read Jessica’s story and how overcoming death, divorce and dementia was one of her biggest life lessons to date.


  1. I found your blog based on your dementia diaries as I was experiencing something similar with my dad. I enjoy the life related posts and skim/skip most of your decorating posts so I would love to see you combine them vs another blog unless your new posts will just be advertisements for your nutrition line. I wish you well in your new venture regardless where you take your blog!

  2. I found your blog based on four generations living under one roof because I thought we were about to have three generations under our roof. But I read and enjoy everything you post. I vote keep it to one blog.

  3. neuroticmom says:

    I love reading about your grandfather since my family is going through the same thing with my mom. I love to look at all your decorating and remodeling posts. I skim right over your nutritional posts.

  4. I would prefer one blog with a variety of subjects to two separate blogs.

  5. I love reading about your family, decorating and recipes. I skip the nutritional posts

  6. It is important to have accountability partners! They can help you through when you’re stuck or motivate you to keep going. It is hard to decide what to do with your blog. I’ve heard advice to keep it niched down, so it’s better to start a second one with a different topic. However, there are plenty of people with lifestyle blogs that are also doing well. Sorry, I’m not much help – this is something I struggle with on my blog too.

    1. Hey Brenda! Yes, google doesn’t seem to play nicely with too many topics on one site. I am hoping to keep everything together…..just need to figure out a way to do that without being dinged in the SEO department:(

  7. I vote for comingling all of your posts. I really enjoy your blog and would hate for it to be split up. You have an authenticity and gift for writing, and yours is definitely one of my favorite blogs. I love the home decor posts, but equally enjoy hearing about your family, nutrition, and what’s going on in your life, so please keep it coming! BTW, I just friend requested you on fb.

  8. I’m not sure what it would mean to the income part of it, as I am not a blogger, but as a reader I think you can and should be able to include everything you’d like to. There are some posts that I don’t give as much attention as others but that is more about what kind of time I have than the subject. I rather like the variety. 🙂

    1. Hi Meg! Yes because I monetize the blog, google tends to ding sites that don’t stay within their niche…..BUT I am hoping to find a way to keep it all on one site and maybe dedicate a certain page to the rest of my life -haha.

  9. Under one roof (no matter how many generations and no matter how many subjects) covers a lot of ground so to speak, and I think whatever topic is on your mind for the day, then share please on your present blog.

    1. Thank you Sue!!! I kind of feel the same way but things have changed so much lately in the blogging world that Google doesn’t play nicely when it comes to showing the posts in search when there are too many topics on a site. With that said, I think there may be a way to still keep everything on one site but I just need to figure out how to keep google happy and still be able to share the rest of our lives – lol.

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