Wait, my word for the year.

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My word for the year.

Layla, is having a party and I wanted to go!

I have this:

It tends to make me  fearful, annoyed, irritable and a bit crazy sometimes.

I find that if I “wait”, the anxiety doesn’t take over the moment.
BUT, I have a problem with waiting Sad smile

I find that if I “wait” and not react with words and actions, the outcome is better. Hmmm, then why can’t I do it? It goes against every grain in my body. I’m a solver, fixer and doer. That may seem great initially, but it sometimes gets me in trouble. Sometimes, a solver, fixer and doer needs to wait a minute, hour or day and then be a solver, fixer and doer. Usually, my method of solving is different if I had waited. Isn’t that funny how that works?

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean, wait to the point of procrastination. Some things need to be dealt with immediately and that’s just the way it is. My issue with wait has to do with any interaction that has a “pulse” ha… a human being! Imagine how difficult that is considering I live with 5 adults! There are many personalities under this roof. Mad, happy, cranky, crabby & the list goes on. Imagine having more than just your husband, wife or significant other to deal with!

An adverse word or action from another human being, sometimes sends me through the rough to the point where I either scream or cry. Most times if I had just waited even a moment and not reacted, my anxiety and stress level would have been minimized. I suppose wait and “think before I speak” go together.  

You can imagine, living with four generations under one roof, waiting before you speak would be important.  Not only do I need to “wait” when dealing with my own husband, I have 4 other adult human beings in our house to deal with ….geeeeeez, that’s a lot of waiting for a chic who doesn’t like to wait! Smile

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  1. Lisa Scibilia says:

    I like your word, Jessica. I need to employ a little waiting in my own life because I find myself arguing with a 13 year old about minor little things . If I walked away I know I would be able to let it go but like you I cannot wait!

  2. Love your word, what a good one. I can relate. Most of the time I need to make myself WAIT on God rather than running around trying to fix things and worry. I think waiting gets a bad rap- I've heard people say that it's lazy. I think the opposite. It's about being calm, knowing that you're not in control of everything, and not trying to put yourself in the driver's seat in every situation.

    Anyway, nice to meet you 🙂

  3. black tag diaries says:

    we have the same word! my word is wait this year too… wanting to learn to wait on the lord… to be patient… and trust his plan. love your blog, btw:)

  4. Wait is a good one. I can be impatient and need to work on that.

  5. Karah @ thespacebetweenblog says:

    I really like your word! I can see how it is appropriate for you, if you have anxiety, waiting can be crucial to many, many things. Thanks for stopping by, did you see our little challenge? It's not too late to join! It'd be great to have you!

  6. I love your word, and I can so relate!

  7. Great post jess. That seems to be the word I use most these days. Being pulled in 5 different directions at once someone always has to wait, wait 1 min Buggy, wait 1 second Pebbles, wait wait wait.

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