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Have you ever sat inside your house and thought, wow, it’s gorgeous outside? Like many of you, we live in an area where the outside beauty, especially here in New England is simply breathtaking. As the season of summer says good-bye, the leaves are starting to turn color and soon enough, we will be decorating with pumpkins and gourds and enjoying the smell of fresh apple pie in our home. We were recently contacted by Masonite to see if we would be interested in celebrating in the launch of their new entry and patio doors, VistaGrande. In an effort to bring the outdoors inside, the door VistaGrande was created. Many of you probably know that Masonite is a leading global designer and manufacturer of interior and exterior doors for residential homes. For us, this partnership couldn’t have come at a better time. One area of our home that we love to decorate is our side foyer. Our foyer is the entrance we use 99% of the time and we have decided to update this space over the next month.

Keep reading…..I will tell you soon how you can enter to win your own VistaGrande doors!

Gorgeous VistaGrande Door + foyer project

The VistaGrande door provides more glass than traditional patio doors, allowing you to feel like you are “outdoors”. Seriously, this is so cool! The door has a smooth fiberglass finish and boasts a clean, contemporary look. We can’t wait to install these doors in our foyer.

Gorgeous VistaGrande Door + foyer project

The new VistaGrande door blurs the lines between indoors and out – See it for yourself right here, right now by watching the video below.

If that video doesn’t inspire you to want to add new patio or entry doors to your home, I don’t know what will. I showed it to my mom and she was like, “ok, we need those for our foyer and back patio.” Yes mom, we do! There is nothing like looking out a gorgeous crisp clean lined door that allows the sunlight to flood your home.


Gorgeous VistaGrande Door + foyer project

A few features that sold us on the new VistaGrande door is it’s fiberglass construction. It’s durable and resistant to denting, splitting, cracking, warping, and rusting.

Gorgeous VistaGrande Door + foyer project


Living in New England, you need a strong door that can stand up to old Mother Nature’s winter wrath. I hope she doesn’t dump another 110 inches of snow on us this winter.  The doors are also available with a wide breadth of styling choices, including three textured glass selections that let in light while still providing privacy, integrated mini blinds and internal grids in numerous designs. So what do you think? Pretty cool right?

Gorgeous VistaGrande Door + foyer project

Now for the fun part, starting today and all month long, you can enter to win a bunch of prizes, including your very own set of VistaGrande doors through the Masonite Take Back Your View Contest. All you need to do is upload your existing door that you would want to replace and its current view. That’s it!  Click here to enter now. For more information about Masonite and their products, you can visit their YouTube channel or Masonite.com.  Good luck! *update* See our foyer renovation series featuring Vista Grande doors here.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored by Masonite. All opinions and words are 100% my own. 



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  1. Oh you had me at fiberglass door!! We live in an area where that is a must too! So inspiring, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how these look in the foyer space. They look nice!

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