I think my head is going to pop off

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I think my head is going to pop off -ha. Just stopping in really quick to update you on the sale of the house, the sale of my parents park model, my grandparents and life in general here over at Four Generations One Roof. Never in a million years did I think we would be listing our house for sale this year, in fact, this entire scenario has happened about 2 years early. Sometimes though, things come up and you have to just roll with it.Our Multigenerational House is For SaleOur house has been on the market now for a little over two weeks and has had a lot of activity. In fact, we have 4 showings today. I am the listing agent working with my real estate broker to get this thing sold! -ha. It’s bittersweet selling and showing your own home. While you know everything about it, it’s kind of strange sometimes watching peoples expressions about things they love and things they don’t care for. Thankfully the response (knock on wood) has been amazing and everyone has seemed to love it. 

Our Multigenerational House is For Sale

Trying to work full time at my regular job (this little o’l blog of mine), showing the house on average 2x a day, keeping up with the Nursing Home shenanigans (my grandfather is getting himself in trouble again -haha) and my gram’s health decline has been a bit of a struggle to say the least. I suggested to my dad and mom last night that we get a dumpster delivered to the house soon and start weeding through trash, donations and stuff we plan to take to the new house. They looked at me with a glazed over stare and just said nothing. I’m like, “umm hello, you have stuff from when I was a kid over 35 years ago , this stuff needs to go!” While they agree, neither one of them is ready to tackle the sheds (especially my grandfather’s workshop) full of bins loaded with stuff from 40+ years ago. Friends, this is going to be one major undertaking donating, trashing and moving four generations of stuff. Stay tuned……it’s about to get good around here ;). 

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  1. We have done the whole getting ready to sell, downsize and move drama. It
    Is exhausting physically and emotionally. We are ready as soon as our house sells. Good luck!

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    I am feeling your exhaustion over all of this. As I am trying to downsize also, I will look forward to hearing how you are handling this. One day a few weeks ago I just got in the mood to “LET IT GO” and posted free stuff on Craig’s List. Could not believe the responses from people who truly need stuff and especially if it’s free. I’m all for helping out others (while at the same time helping myself out.) ha ha Got rid of a lot of stuff but have a way to go.

    Hoping for success on the sale of your houses. Then the panic will quickly take over…ha ha You’ll have to DO SOMETHING with that stuff with little time to do it. Did you finalize the contract on your new house?

  3. Juanita in OH says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, now I have a headache for you, lol. All the best.

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