The start of our mudroom

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Just popping in to say a quick hello. We had some very special people here for 2 days this past week with lots of camera’s and a hair and makeup crew. I’m not allowed to share any pictures yet but there were 20 of us in our house for a 2 day photo shoot. It was pretty exciting! Hopefully I can share sometime in November.

My parents were away this past weekend on the hunt for some land in NH and while they were gone, I ripped apart our “transition” room that is in between our kitchen and family room. I’ve decided to make it a mudroom & reading room. This is the room that has the diy barn closet doors that my dad and I made last year.

transition room and mudroom before

I posted some pictures also on facebook this weekend as I was emptying out the room. This little o’l project is similar to when I sawzalled my couch in half in order to make it smaller. It was done on impulse out of sheer frustration and being aggravated with how it looked. You ever do that? I seem to do it once a month!  I had some MDF boards and pine left over from our dining room makeover so I decided board and batten would be free and simple enough to get the job completed in a weekend.

transition mudroom before board and batten

I spaced the boards about 18 inches apart.

transition and mudroom before board and batten

The board and batten is all up and 1 coat of paint has been applied. I hope to get the rest of the room painted and finished tomorrow. Check out our board and batten tutorial if you are interested in adding a quick and inexpensive wall treatment to a room.

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  1. That is going to look amazing! Can’t wait to see the final room!

  2. Oooh, can’t wait for November either! Love the board and batten. It is going to look amazing!

  3. OMG, that’s funny! You cut your couch in half? They’re going to start hiding the power tools from you!

    Can’t wait to see what’s up in November and your transition room is going to rock with the board and batten!

    1. Thanks Jaye! Yes, I had a moment a couple months back where I couldn’t stand my couch anymore so I sawzalled it in half. I think it’s probably the most insane thing I’ve ever done but it come out looking great, ha! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sounds very exciting over there Jessica! I love how you get at it when a project strikes you – you just get it done!

    1. Ha, thanks Lisa. Although you may not say that if you saw my unfinished project of cleaning out my closets! Oh they are such a mess! 🙂

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