Thank Goodness for the Snowblower: New England Winters

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Thank Goodness for the Snowblower. The winters here in New England are pretty crazy. I have grown up with snowy crazy winters my entire life and I have to tell you, shoveling is for the birds. Like big time. We have always had a snowblower since I can remember and trust me, when you have 4 feet of snow, the o’l shovel is dreadful. Today I am sharing why you need to maintain and how to keep your snowblower maintained in partnership with Sears Parts Direct. Our snowblower is one of the most important pieces of equipment we own. It ranks right up there with our coffee machine ;). Can’t live without it! 

Thank Goodness for the Snowblower: New England Winers how to maintain your snowblower

blizzard 2015 Boston 50 inches of snow in one week

This was one of the blizzards in 2015 that literally left us with 107″ of snow for the season. We happened to be the lucky winners of the most snowfall in the entire country. Trust me when I tell you, we are religious about having our snowblower tuned up and checked every fall before winter arrives. Yes, we could always call someone to plow the driveway (it would cost $75 each time it snowed) but we have back entrances that the plow can’t reach along with a pathway to our horse barn so needless to say, our snowblower MUST be in tip top shape. 

Shovel or Snowblow

Sears Parts Direct not only offers parts for hundreds of brands but they also have a handy Repair guides and how-to videos for your Snowblower. I am sure many of you can relate to being thankful your snowblower fires up every time you start it! -ha. Whether you need to swap out a spark plug, replace a shear pin or change the auger belt, the Sears Repair Guide and How-To-Videos have you covered. I am a visual person so for me, I love videos. 


My son is 11 years old and my dad does most of the snowblowing and the first thing my dad told him was, “you NEVER EVER put your hand in the chute or near the augers that turn.” If you have ever used a snowblower, you know that if the snow is wet and heavy, the chute and augers can clog up easily. Sears Parts Direct makes this handy tool called a “clean-out-tool” and it works perfectly for cleaning a clogged chute. Don’t be a dummie and put your hand in there!

blizzard 2015 Boston 50 inches of snow in one week

Be sure to checkout Sears Tips and Tricks on how to use your snowblower to it’s capacity. As you can see above, the snowblower can create paths that are free from snow and a simple cleanup with a shovel makes life really easy! Take it from a pro (my dad),  the snowblower allows you to create wide paths at the beginning of the snow season while leaving room for the next storm. You have to clear wide paths early in the season to leave room for more snow. Trust me, doing this with a shovel is not fun.

This is me below two years ago wading through Mother Nature’s blast of snow she dumped on us.

A snowblower is a lot like your car. You need it! You need it to turn on, run nicely and be reliable. Just like a car, if you don’t take care of it and do the required maintenance, it either won’t run or won’t run properly. You are much better off spending the time in the Fall getting it ready for the winter than being stuck in 4 feet of snow and breaking your back with a shovel. The nice thing about Sears Parts Direct, they offer everything you need right on their website. For more information, be sure to check out these links,  Start-of-Winter Snowblower Care,, How to Tune Up a Snowblower:  How to Refuel a Snowblower Engine  Snowblower Engine Wont Start Troubleshooting Tips and  Snowblower Articles & Videos.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sears Parts Direct. All opinions and words are 100% my own.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, that is some blizzard! I haven’t seen that much snow in decades!! Great tips as the hubby isn’t always home when it snows and I should be better informed!!

    1. Thank you Liz! Hopefully we don’t see that kind of snow again for many more years! ha

  2. Wow! That is crazy! I just moved from Atlanta though and it snowed five inches there recently :0 So you never know when you might need this kind of equipment!

  3. I’ve never lived anywhere with snow but I dream of having these sorts of snowy problems! HA! That probably sounds crazy.

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