Surprise mini-deck makeover for my gram {starts today – before}

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My grandparents have a cute little deck that overlooks our backyard and I must say, it’s kind of dismal :(. My grandparents are both in their mid-80’s and neither one of them can get around very easily. Growing up as a kid, my gram took care of their yard and it was amazing. She was constantly mowing the lawn, planting flowers (phlox are her favorite) and pulling weeds. They had such a pretty yard! The last few years I have planted her window boxes for her as she can’t do it herself but this year, I decided to give their deck a mini-makeover.

Surprise deck makeover for my gram {starts today - before}

Their table is an old rod iron one that I had years ago at one of my previous homes. They are extremely frugal and would NEVER spend money on an outdoor table. I plan on spray painting it and adding an umbrella.

Surprise deck makeover for my gram {starts today - before}

My grandfather made this little stool over 20 years ago and is insisting we keep it. No problem gramps, a little sandpaper and paint will me this little guy shine again.

Surprise deck makeover for my gram {starts today - before}

The deck needs to be stained again as it’s peeling and looking a bit sad. The winter absolutely destroyed our decks and patio so thankfully, Sherwin-Williams is donating the paint to make these guys look new again. Thank you Sherwin-Williams!

Surprise deck makeover for my gram {starts today - before}


Stay tuned. The deck is being stained in the next couple days and some new fun items are on the way to spruce up this space. This is the perfect time of year to update and get started on a mini deck makeover. I don’t anticipate this taking longer than a weekend so I am thrilled that they will have the remainder of the summer to enjoy it. My grandfather could careless what the deck looks like, but my gram loves flowers and a pretty place to sit. I am sure my gramp will secretly love it too :).

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  1. I can’t wait to see it and doing this for your Gram is so nice. I am 65 and love my flowers too. I only hope and pray my granddaughter would do this for me someday. You are great!

  2. I look forward to watching your plan play out. I love that you are doing this for your grandparents! Hugs,

  3. I think this is so thoughtful. As I grow older I realize there are so many things I can no longer do myself. You are a blessing.

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