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Surgery update + instagram

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Hey everyone! I can type….kind of. Surgery was a success and I am out of the sling. 4 weeks early to be exact! Apparently I healed quickly and I was given the go ahead to start physical therapy. The good news is that my rotator cuff wasn’t completely torn, just partially. However, they did find a large bone spur that needed to be removed. The bone spur was most likely causing most of the pain. I’ve been hanging out over at instagram mostly these past couple weeks as it’s easier to converse with all of you. If you don’t follow us on instagram, click here to follow or the image below.


surgery update + instagram

My doctor gave me the green light to start typing but to not over do it. I can’t wait to get my normal motion back in my arm. Stay tuned, the kitchen reveal post is coming tomorrow and soon, we will be sharing a pair of gorgeous new patio doors that we recently installed. Oh and for those of you who have been wondering about my grandfather and his new cat Sophie, they are best buddies. Sophie has turned into a social butterfly.

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  1. Jessica, I’m happy to hear that you’re ahead of schedule with your healing!! Looking forward to seeing the big kitchen reveal!

  2. I’m glad to hear you are healing. I will head over to instagram and check out your posts. I hope you continue to feel better and get stronger every day.