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Stowe Vermont Winter Vacation

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Every year for Christmas, my parents purchase a trip for the family. We love this idea because it allows everyone to get together for a week and spend time together. My brother and his family join in the fun and my parents love hanging out with their grandkids. So for Christmas 2014, my parents chose Stowe Vermont as the destination. It’s always a surprise for the kids at Christmas and they talk about it for months leading up to Christmas – Wondering where grammie and gramps will take us!

stowe mountain lodge

 Stowe Mountain Lodge

The Stowe Mountain Lodge happens to be one of our favorite places to go during the winter. So a couple weeks ago, we packed up and headed to Vermont.

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

It’s like a tiny little village nestled in the mountain.

stowe mountain lodge at night

Stowe Mountain Lodge

My grandparents didn’t join us on the trip. They get tire easily and when we go away for a week, it’s hard for them to keep up.

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

My mom bought everyone a Patriots SuperBowl hat so we thought it fitting to do a group photo sporting our favorite team ;).

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

My son and step daughters, along with their dad, love to ski so I decided to suck it up and take a lesson. Being cold and blown over by the wind, riding down a mountain on sticks isn’t really my thing but I realized that this is the one sport that we can all do together so I gave it a try.

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

I actually really liked it even though I wiped out getting on the magic carpet ride and almost killed myself getting off the lift a few times. That thing is scary!

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

My dad, well he did a lot of hanging around and trailing my mom on excursions. He would be happiest sitting in the lodge sipping on a rum and coke. I can’t say as if I blame him.

Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

My mom took the kids on their own sleigh ride. Stowe Vermont Ski Trip 2015

One of the best things about having a blog is that it’s an online memory album for my family. I am not great at creating photo albums so the blog will have to do. My hope is that someday, the kids will enjoy looking through the years of our lives and remembering all these fun moments!

Stowe Vermont winter vacation

It’s hard to believe that our winter, which I might say has been insane with over 108 inches of snow, is coming to a close. While we loved our winter vacation in Vermont, we are ready for summer here in Massachusetts 😉 .

PS. houses are finally coming back on the market after a loooooong winter. We are headed to look at a few fixer uppers…..stay tuned!



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