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Our Stowe Mountain Lodge ski trip

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Have you ever been to Vermont? Living in New England, you have a variety of close destinations that make it very easy to plan a last minute vacation. We left last Thursday for a long weekend trip to Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont.

stowe mountain lodge

I’m not a skier but my husband enjoys it and our son spent a couple days learning how to snowboard. If you are looking for a fabulous family ski vacation, be sure to check out Stowe Mountain Lodge. I am not being paid to write this post, we just really enjoyed our stay!

stowe mountain lodge ski trip

I did end up getting the stomach bug while we were there which was awful. I ended up loosing a day of fun but the boys still enjoyed themselves.

stowe mountain lodge ski trip-6

I was very impressed with the ski/snowboarding school. The amount of instructors and staff available is amazing so the child to instructor ratio is superb!

stowe mountain lodge ski trip

When I wasn’t sick, I spent the afternoon hanging out in the lodge watching the skiers and my son from the window sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying the peace and serenity. That’s my idea of a ski vacation, the lodge!

stowe mountain lodge ski trip

My parents and grandparents didn’t come on this vacation and my step daughters had a soccer tournament but my mom is hoping to plan something where we can all head to Stowe mountain as a family. This place truly is a great spot for families.

stowe mountain lodge ski trip

Both of my grandparents are from Stowe, Vermont so I have family who still live there. I grew up going to Stowe to visit family and always remember be fascinated with the Von Trapp family from the Sound of Music. You see, my grandmother went to school with one of the youngest Von Trapp’s and lived nearby the family and I remember thinking as a kid, that was so cool!

The resort has many restaurants, a full luxury spa, pool, fitness center and tons of activities for kids. You don’t even really need to leave the lodge if you don’t want to but if you feel like getting out and seeing the sights, everything is within a mile or two. The center of Stowe, about 4 miles from the lodge, has a cute ice skating rink, restaurants, candy store, shops and carriage rides through town. There is a great restaurant called Harrison’s in the center of town, just be sure to make reservations.

One of our favorite spots for breakfast was McCarthy’s which is in the Stowe cinema plaza, just a short ride down the mountain from the lodge. Delicious home cooked food and very reasonably priced.

stowe mountain lodge ski trip

Here we are getting ready to eat our oatmeal :).  Nothing like oatmeal with homemade Vermont maple syrup!

stowe mountain lodge ski trip

I must say, getting the stomach bug while on vacation was a complete drag but the staff was so accommodating. I called prior to the kitchen being opened in desperate need of ginger-ale and dry toast and they had it to our room in minutes. Everyone was extremely friendly and always smiling. They certainly have the customer service thing down pat! We need a “do-over” ski trip, one where there is no sickness. Hopefully we can head back to Stowe Mountain Lodge again soon.

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  1. Jessica, what a bummer that you got sick there – otherwise it sounds like the perfect getaway!! We have never skied at Stowe and would love to try it – that lodge is perfection! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Wow, Jessica! I am so jealous, except for the stomach bug part. I loved reading about the Trapp family, have childhood memories of visiting there with my grandmother, have visited (summer) with my granddaughter, and love that area so much. Not a skier either, the lodge sounds great! So glad you got to go. It’s a great place to have family to visit. The view from the top of Mt. Mansfield is great too (summer). Love VT! ~Joyce

  3. oh I’ve been to Stowe Mountain Lodge and LOOOOVED it!! I would love to go back with my family!

    1. Thanks Ashley ๐Ÿ™‚ Winter trips skiing are like none other….it’s a must try ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I have been going to VT for over 20 years, but have never been to Stowe. Sorry you were ill, have definitely been there too ( in VT). Looks beautiful!