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Spring cleaning. Ugh. We all do it and we all most likely dread it. I am sure there are varying degrees of obsessiveness when it comes to cleaning. I am towards the higher end of the spectrum. Something about Spring (probably the fact that we have been buried in snow for 3 months) makes us motivated to clean every part of the house. There is nothing better than having clean windows and the fresh air of spring flowing through your home. We recently partnered with HomeRight to share their new SteamMachine Plus. We have had many steam mops in the past, whether they be ones we purchased or reviewed, and this one by far, excites me the most. Keep reading, you can win one of your own!

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat

It is super easy to assemble and comes with a variety of cleaning attachments. You can clean/steam floors, tile, grout, your mattress, fabric, furniture (only certain fabrics), drapery and more. It’s insane what this thing does! The triangle head allows you to get in corners and still have the ability to steam. I love that! I also love the fact that it’s chemical-free.

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat

You only add water to the reservoir and that is a huge benefit when you have dogs that like to lick the floor.

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat

Living with four generations under one roof plus two dogs,  our floors are constantly disgusting. Whether it be drool, paw prints, muddy kids shoes or my dads gross work boots, our floors take a beating. Of course we mop and clean them regularly but the ability to steam mop them with a high level of heat on occasion is amazing. The SteamMachine Plus heats up to 205 degree F steam and kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria including e-coli, salmonella, and staph. It also has a run time of 20 minutes. One of the best advantages of the machine over competitors is that it heats up in under 30 seconds. I don’t have a lot of time so this feature is perfect.

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat Once the windows are cleaned each spring, we always wash or dry clean the drapery. Of course, drapery never looks great once it’s been washed so steaming or ironing is necessary. This machine steams drapery in seconds. The power of the steamer on this machine is like none other. We also have drapery in our dining room that doesn’t wash well so I tried steam cleaning it with this machine and the dust vanished. I was pleased to save that drying bill! ha

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat

Many of you know we have a white sectional in our family room. I know, it’s a daring move when you have kids and two dogs but I refuse to live without something I love because of kids or dogs. Things can be cleaned and I am fine with that. I love our family room and it’s the most lived in room in our house, besides the kitchen. The dogs are constantly rubbing up against the couch and parts of it, especially along the skirt area where they lay, has turned brown. The covers are washable so I decided to give the SteamMachine Plus a try in an effort to remove the dog stains on the couch.

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway / kills 99% of germs/ Chemical Free Cleaning + incredible steam heat

I used one of the scrubbers as well as the drapery steam attachment. The scrubber worked great for the piping and gross dried up drool marks.

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway -5

Spring Cleaning tips + SteamMachine Plus Giveaway -6

*TIP: try a small portion of the fabric (a part that isn’t seen) first to ensure the heat level of the steam doesn’t destroy or discolor the fabric*

Can I just tell you, this machine removed most of the stains. This is HUGE for us because washing the covers on the couch is a lengthy process and to have the ability to quickly remove stains is a benefit that I love! Everyone loves the chaise portion of the couch so I decided to try steaming the entire chaise in order to freshen it up and remove any dust/dirt that was on the surface. It worked like a charm! I am thrilled with this machine and can’t thank HomeRight enough for sending us one. It definitely makes Spring cleaning a little more fun ;).

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by HomeRight and I was provided a complimentary machine as well as compensation. However, all opinions and words are 100% my own. This machine is a rockstar! ;).

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  1. We have white tile in the kitchen of the house we bought last year. I once swore to myself white tile is an absolute no-no, because you see every little spot of dirt. Our kids are grown ups no, so it’s less of an issue, but to be able to keep the tile looking clean without wringing out a gross mop would be a huge plus. Tackling the wood floors, mattresses and curtains would be next on the list. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  2. Love the idea of being able to steam clean my sofa where my dog also loves to brush herself up against.

  3. I would love to have one of these…I also have a white couch that my sweet grandkids love to climb all over… I am forever trying to clean it..I think a steam mop would do wonders..Thank you..

  4. spring cleaning is low on my list. It doesn’t usually get done until June when I’m out of school. Having a machine like this would be great! Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. I have lots of tile (therefore, grout) and wood in my home since we have no carpet…. I would love to try it out on all the floors!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. We are in a rental until July and the floors are gross 🙁 The linoleum has no finish left on it and its impossible to get clean.

  7. We have a wonderful indoor cat that is now 14 years old. This steam cleaner would sure come in handy to clean our wood floors and carpets!

  8. I would use it to clean our sofas/chairs and to clean the cars. This has so many uses, would be great to have.

  9. Floors, showers, grout… what wouldn’t I use this machine on?!? Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway.

  10. This machine looks fantastic. I’d love to easily clean the furniture my dogs tend to lay against! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Almost everything!!!! Seriously, I would use it for the Floors, sofa, bathrooms, kitchen, sanitize toys and maybe even steam a wrinkly outfit that’s not meant to be ironed? >.>

  12. I would use this for so many things! Starting with my shower, there are some areas that no matter how much I scrub, I can’t get the film to go away!

  13. This sure would be handy for a disabled person like me..I also had a cat for 16 years that passed away at the end of Jan., so I have lots of furniture and spots to clean..Would make mine and every ones life easier….Good luck to all!!!

  14. I would love to have such a versatile cleaning tool! I never thought about steam cleaning my drapes. It would be awesome for my valance.

  15. I have cleaners who come each week, but I really need to do some deep cleaning! LOVE this mop and would love to give the hardwoods in my sunroom a good mop!

  16. I would use it first on the grout and tile floors in the bath & half bath. i would also like to use it on the kitchen floor & curtains in the dining room.

  17. I have old vinyl floors in the kitchen and breakfast room and they are impossible to get completely clean – this would be the solution!

  18. What wouldn’t i use it on. I would use it on my drapes,furniture,floors and just about everything.

  19. I would use this on the floor in the mudroom. Besides all the dirty feet that go on this floor we also stack wood for the woodstove in here and sap is very hard to get off the floor.

  20. I would love to use this on my kitchen floor and in my gross bathroom! I have a husband and a son who get the toilet super gross! lol

  21. I’d love to try this cleaning machine on my kitchen tiles and grout! I’m sure it’d be much faster than scrubbing by hand

  22. i will be using this to clean my bathrooms, floor, kitchen appliances and everything else around the house

  23. I have tons of tile and have been looking for an easier way to clean them besides a mop. This looks so awesome!! Especially having 2 kids under the age of 3. Lots of messes in my house and I can use it on furniture and carpet!!! Win win!!

  24. We have two dogs and a cat. Plus, my husband, who I think was raised in a barn. This HomeRight SteamMachine Plus would be awesome to have. For some reason, we get so much dust in our house. If it is on my tables, I can only imagine how much falls onto the furniture along with pet fur, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

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