Short Term Rehabilitation for my Grandfather + Moving

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My grandfather is making progress. We decided that short term rehabilitation for my grandfather was necessary after the month long health ordeal he has been through. He was moved from the hospital in Boston last week to a short term rehabilitation facility near our home (it’s the same campus where he goes to camp) and so far, he is doing excellent. I don’t want to jinx anything but we are thinking he will probably come home sometime this week (knock on wood). Can I just tell you, these last 25 days have been insane. Stress. Stress. And more stress. Mental health and the elderly is a scary thing. Heck, mental health in general is a scary thing. Our brains can do some pretty crazy things when they decide to stop working.

Short Term Rehabilitation for my Grandfather

If you have been following along, you know that my grandfather was taken to the hospital almost a month ago because he just didn’t seem right. He was confused more than normal, very agitated and honestly, it was pretty scary. While he was in the hospital being evaluated and getting his meds adjusted, they found he had 2 ulcers. He had to be transported to another hospital to be treated for the ulcers which all happened during our first blizzard of the season here in Mass.

Short Term Rehabilitation for my Grandfather

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Once the ulcers were treated, he went back to the hospital in Boston to be evaluated and finally, his meds started to work and his confusion became more manageable. Well kind of. I talk about that in my post Dementia and Alzheimer’s The Disease from Hell. Once the medications were straightened out, we had my grandfather moved to a short term rehabilitation center to help get his arms and legs working again. The confusion of 3 hospital moves and being stuck in a hospital bed due to the ulcers didn’t do his mobility any favors.

Short Term Rehabilitation Grandfather | Dementia and Alzheimer's

My grandfather attends the Adult Day Health at Salmon Health & Retirement so it worked out perfectly having him do his rehab there as well. He already likes the campus and is familiar with it so needless to say, he was thrilled when he found out he could WRAP UP this latest bump in the road near our home and on the same campus he attends “camp.”

Short Term Rehabilitation for my Grandfather | Salmon Health and Retirement

Image via Salmon Health & Retirement

They have the cutest farmers porch where my grandparents like to sit and visit. We have had exceptionally warm weather this past week here in Mass so it was nice to let them be outside and take in the fresh air.

Short Term Rehabilitation for my Grandfather

He has been working hard this past week at rehab getting his legs and arms flexible and working on his stability with a walker. It’s so hard to see a guy that has literally been self sufficient and a rock his entire life, be so vulnerable and weak. Stay tuned, we have been cleaning, donating and moving around rooms in our house in an effort to get my grandfather home. He will need 24/7 supervision and care moving forward so things are changing a bit in our house. More on that later this week. In case you missed the post about our latest DIY project, we have partnered with Shaw Flooring for a huge flooring transformation in our family room. Lots of projects are staring in March so sit tight, we have lots of new stuff coming.




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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Thank you so much for the update. All positive that Gramps is making steady progress…..and as they say

    “this too shall pass” hugs

  2. Thinking of you and your family today. This is a really tough time for you. AGAIN, I am recommending that you get the book “THE 36 HOUR DAY” by Nancy Mace, MA and Peter V Rabins, MD which was recommended by my husband’s neurologist. It is a family guide to caring for people who have AZ, related dementias, and memory loss. There is so much good information in it. It has helped me tremendously. HUGS for you mickie

  3. God bless you and all your family members. You are in my prayers today.

  4. Aging is bad, lol, I’ve decided against it, haha.

    What I learned from my mom having dementia is we need to be aware of the people it’s affecting, your mom and your son come to mind.

    get educated on what to expect and prep the people it’s affecting.

  5. diane lavoie says:

    Nice to hear he is doing well, He looks good in the posted photo’s. As you know Jess, I know how tough and heartbreaking it is to watch those you love start to go downhill. I keep you and your family in my prayers and hope that soon he will be able to come home. take care .

  6. Thank you for sharing! You guys are such a great example of a sacrificial family. God bless you all!

  7. I also recommend the 36 hour day..It helped us muddle through such a very sad time. My prayers for you and your family as you walk this walk.

  8. I have been caring for our sweet Step Dad since his broken hip, June 2016. He has had many setbacks, but is much better now. It is very hard and been totally life-changing. We now have a special recliner and scooter sitting in our living room! It’s worth it to have him here at the house with us. Thank goodness we already lived in a multigenerational home. Good luck on your journey. XOXO

  9. Bless you and your family. You are in one of the hardest parts of life. I just finished that last chapter. My mom had Dementia for 20 years. It started in her 70’s. My Dad stayed right by her side, even in the bed next to her in the nursing home, until he passed last May. Fortunately her Dementia was so bad that she never understood he was gone. She was bedridden for 4 years. She passed away February 10 at 95.

  10. I’m so sorry that your grandfather and your family have experienced so many problems in such a short period of time. My mother passed away one and one-half years ago with Alzheimer’s and I know it’s heartbreaking to see your grandfather’s health g0 down. The pictures of your grandparents snuggling together are so precious.

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