Sherwin Williams Colors {our study paint color}

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We have been busy finishing up our laundry room and study makeover and the past few days I have been painting and trying to find a suitable couch for our study. What a pain it is buying furniture sometimes. That “budget” thing gets in the way! ha. I picked up 8 Sherwin Williams colors last week and painted sections of our study trying to decide which color to paint the room.

sherwin williams colors

The Sherwin Williams colors all come in the “color to go” cute little jugs. I know, there is a professional name for them I am sure but they are cute to me, so I call them cute jugs :). The size is adequate and  very reasonably priced. Well worth the small investment. It is amazing how different paint colors look on the wall vs in a magazine, a color swatch or on your computer screen. I highly recommend painting large blocks/stripes on your wall and watch how the color changes with the time of day. The picture below is a little dark as the room isn’t easy to photograph but you will see how I painted stripes on the wall. My husband came home from work and he never notices any projects around the house but he did notice all the paint colors on the wall. ha

sherwin williams colors

(from left to right, steamed milk, french linen (PBteen color), rain, pediment)

Live with the paint color for a couple days and be sure you love it.

sherwin williams colors

Did you know that Sherwin Williams now carries the Pottery Barn color pallete? Yes they do! Above you will see the Fall/Winter seasonal color pallete for Pottery Barn now found at Sherwin Williams. Most of the samples I chose were from the Pottery Barn pallete specifically, morning fog, rain, steamed milk and pediment. Thank goodness I used the “color to go” samples because many of the colors looked nothing like I thought they would on the wall. Our study has a large tree right outside the window which blocks the sun most of the day so the colors are so much darker in the room.

sherwin williams colors

Our study is almost finished and I decided to use two of the Sherwin Williams colors from the Pottery Barn palette, extra white and steamed milk. The steamed milk offers a touch of warmth without being to brown and the extra white will be perfect for the fireplace, trim and wainscoting. I am kind of excited to share the fireplace makeover with you soon. I think this is our biggest transformation yet. Even my dad is excited with how it turned out. Hopefully these projects will be done soon. I can’t wait to get to the decorating part :).

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