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Over the last several years of blogging, I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing companies that support different organizations.  Today I wanted to share a special organization that Rainbow Light helped found and supports called Vitamin Angels. What is Vitamin Angels?

It’s an organization that supports pregnant moms around the world to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients during pregnancy.  Since 2016, Rainbow Light has donated 1% product sales in the form of multivitamins for women and children in food-insecure regions around the world, and they continue to do so. Isn’t that amazing?

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Rainbow Light will hand deliver these vitamins from April – June to 25 locations right here in the United States in honor of their 25th Anniversary as a founding partner of Vitamin Angels.

The best part, you can purchase these vitamins at your local Sams Club.

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The older I get the more I focus on my health and what I put into my body and this is especially important to expecting moms. Women’s One Non-GMO Multivitamin focuses on the importance of nourishing your body for energy and vitality.

A daily multivitamin is packed with superfoods and probiotics is a great place to start whether you are an expecting mom or not.

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Women’s One is now Non-GMO and has a high potency B-complex that promotes natural energy production and nervous system health. Whether you are an expecting mom or a mom like me in my mid-40’s,  it’s more important than ever to get enough vitamin D and Calcium to support bone health.

My mom works in the medical field and has told me my entire life, “take your daily vitamins, you don’t want your bones to be mush when you are old do you?” Can you relate? I am sure some of you know exactly what I am talking about. The funny thing is, I tell my son the same thing!

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One of the biggest advantages of Women’s One by Rainbow Light is the blend of superfoods which include nutrient rich spirulina, beet, broccoli, kale, spinach, blackberry, blueberry, carrot, and cranberry all being easy to digest.

Who has time to eat all of that?

Not me!

It’s much easier to just take a daily vitamin packed with everything you need. I love the fact that with every purchase in May and June this year, Rainbow Light is donating a portion of their proceeds up to $25,000 to Vitamin Angels.

My mom even tried these and found them easy to swallow and she felt great.

Rainbow Bright One A Day Vitamin Angels -3

This is one of the biggest advantages of having a platform where I can share amazing news like this so be sure to stop at your local Sams Club and check out these vitamins. Your purchase purchase your Rainbow Light today supports the Vitamin Angels organization help those expecting moms in need so be sure to give them a try prior to the end of June. Nothing better than trying something new that also supports a good cause.

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