Propane usage at our camp

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Some of you know that we recently upgraded our camper to a tiny home so to speak, a home that is under 399 square feet. We have a full tour coming soon this fall of our new space but for now, I wanted to share how we heat and cook in our new little home. If you have been following along, you know that we rent a lakeside campsite from April to October and we essentially move in for the summer. I haven’t shared this little tidbit yet but my parents joined us 7 sites down.  Yep, they purchased a little home too a couple months ago. More on that in September. Anyway, we were recently contacted by Proudly Propane to share our experience using propane. I had no idea how much better propane is for cooking verses our electric stove at our primary home. Here is a picture of the outside of our camp with our old camper.

propane usage at our camp

We use propane at our camp in a variety of ways. It happens to be our heat source both inside our home and outside on our deck via a space heater. The hot water, stove and fireplace are also fueled by propane.

Propane Usage at our Camp

We use the furnace in our home at the camp usually during April and October. I mean, we live in New England and it can get pretty chilly at night.

Propane Usage at our Camp

We actually have found that our fireplace does the trick usually to get the chill out and it’s so simple to use. Simply flip on a switch and you are warm in minutes. One benefit of propane is if you loose power, you can still be warm. That is kind of nice ;). -ha. I also love the fact that the flame is attractive and it’s environmentally friendly as well as energy efficient. The idea of never cleaning up ash from a wood burning stove is also a pretty nice benefit.

Propane Usage at our Camp

We also use our patio heater which is fueled by propane all the time at the camp. It’s amazing how much heat an outdoor patio heater gives off.  We have both a tabletop and stand alone model. When my grandparents are at the camp for dinner, we usually turn it on and it helps keep them warm.

propane usage at our camp

They are always cold, especially on the water.


Our grill and stove both use propane and we literally grill every single night. We live on burgers, hot dogs, fish, steaks and chicken all summer long. I definitely prefer a propane grill.  Our range at the camp is my first ever stove fueled by propane. I have always had an electric stove and boy, I have been missing out.  I love cooking on our stove at the  camp because everything cooks so fast using propane. The ability to heat up food quickly and have better control over the stove temperature is fabulous. Now I know why 96% of professional chefs, according to PERC (Propane Education and Research Council),  prefer gas over electric when it comes to cooking. Personally, the designs for a propane fueled range are so much more attractive too. We have an electric stove in our primary home and trust me, I would LOVE to swap out our electric range for a propane range. You can find more information about propane usage and all the features and benefits that are available at the Proudly Propane website. So do tell, are you all propane lovers? How do you use propane in your everyday life? Tell us below in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Propane Education & Research Council. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Connie L. says:

    I love our fireplace that uses propane and it’s also great like you said for cooking. So much faster to cook!

  2. Diane Lavoie says:

    Beautiful camper, nice clean cooking and heating (who would have thought you had a fireplace in there)…with the propane too! I notice you have a heater out on the deck as well, nice! really lovely and I love all the neutral colors and the splash/punch of color, patterns and texture you combined in your outdoor living space of the deck, bet you spend a lot time out there? beautiful.

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes we love the fireplace inside and you bet we are outside all the time on the deck. The outdoor patio heater is amazing!!

  3. Very cool! We always lose power during our winter ice storms and the propane fireplace would be perfect!

  4. Now that we are full-timing in a RV I have come to learn a bit more about propane and the perks of having it. Great post, not to mention the camper is freakin’ beautiful!!

  5. Thats the kitchen and fireplace in your rv or a park model?

  6. OK Jessica….I’ll try again LOL. What size, make and is your fireplace ventless. I want one just like it. Bonnie

  7. We use propane and love it! Your little home is perfect!!

  8. Shirley Orfanella says:

    This is my first introduction to an RV. We had a pop-up camper when I was a kid, but that’s decades ago. I am amazed by the beauty and charm of this RV; really makes me want to spend the summer by a lake! We have a beach house that we rent out to summer & weekend guests, so this would be a fun alternative for us as well as our guests.

  9. Such a great blog, love the patio with heaters. Also the interior is adorable! I’ll bet you are enjoying being close to your folks yet having such a pretty little place of your own for a summer break! Lovely colors on the deck!

  10. Marsha Williams says:

    I agree, propane is the only way to go. I use it for cooking and have the “hot water on demand” unit instead of the typical hot water heater (which keeps heating water 24/7 whether you are using it or not), also a gas log in our fireplace. And our generator is gas. We live in “hurricane alley” Burgaw NC, when a storm comes in most people are out of power but we have the gas generator and our gas appliances. Wouldn’t go back to electric for anything. One of the pros of gas is that it is as hot as it is going to be the instant it lights Different story with elect.

  11. Rachel Provencher says:

    Can’t wait for the full tour of your Tiny Home. Looks gorgeous. We have been cooking with propane for many years at our Lake House and wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a propane heat stove in my Sewing Room since it faces the lake and the winds can be quite gusty. We will convert our wood-burning fireplace to propane this fall. Our son just did this in his home in Connecticut and loves it!

  12. Gas all the way! Been using gas, both natural and propane, for 30+years and love it. I love your lake house reno. Cannot wait to see the whole thing.

  13. we have been drying clothes, showering, cooking and heating with LP for 30 plus years !!

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