Decorating Temporary Spaces {Furniture Rental}

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Sometimes we need to rent a home. Sometimes, we need to relocate for work, move off campus in college or travel from place to place with the military. Whatever the reason, living in a temporary space can be a challenge. Even more so, decorating a temporary space can be frustrating, especially if you can’t put holes in the walls! I don’t know about you but that would be tough for me. We were recently contacted by CORT Furniture, a company that specializes in Military personnel traveling from place to place to share their fabulous company with all of you. I was thoroughly impressed with their website and all that they have to offer. Regardless of the relocation situation, CORT provides you with trained professionals that can help you find a place to live, navigate your new area and furnish your place for however long you need it. Kind of nice right? My grandfather was in the Army during his 20’s and I told him about how this company helps families furnish their temporary homes and he thought that was amazing! It’s hard enough moving and being away from family but having a cozy place to call home, makes it a little easier. My grandfather told me that one of the most difficult things about being in the Army was being away from his family.

Decorating temporary space

So what do you do with a temporary space? Decorating temporary spaces is just like decorating your own home.

Start by layering an area rug on the floor and choose your style of furnishings. Adding artwork on the walls and decorative elements on the side and coffee tables also help add a personal touch to your space. I always love coordinating throw pillows with the style of the rug. The spaces above and below are just two examples provided by CORT. Whether it be a sleek contemporary design or a traditional living room , they have you covered.

Decorating temporary spaces

Yes, you can rent everything from CORT Furniture Rental.  All images provided on this post are rooms that are available to rent from CORT. Whether it be an entire room or just a couch, they have it. Their website is amazing. You can search by zip code and get quotes online too. You literally can choose from dozens of rooms. I don’t know about you, but I kind of want this space above for my own home! -ha.

Decorating temporary spaces

Comfort and Relaxation – When creating a bedroom retreat, I love the idea of creating an oasis that is soothing and relaxing. If you can paint the walls in your temporary space, then by all means do so but if you can’t, try bringing in color through your bedding and area rug. Warm tones such as browns, white and baby blues are perfect for a bedroom.

Decorating Temporary Spaces

Personal Touches – Plants, fresh flowers and picture frames filled with friends and family are sure ways to add your personal touch to any space. I mean, just because you are living in a temporary home, doesn’t mean it has to look sparse and boring.

You can even rent household kitchen items from CORT.

Decorating temporary spaces

One of the best things in my opinion, when moving to a new location would be to make your temporary housing, a home. A home that reflects you and is a place you look forward to spending time in. Many times when moving, finances are tight so purchasing new furniture and household items may not be feasible. This is where CORT comes in. You can literally have an entire room or home furnished by completing a few easy steps. In fact, military packages start at $139 a month.

Decorating temporary spaces

Another great benefit of CORT Furniture Rental is that when it comes time to move again or relocate back home, you don’t have the hassle of moving your furniture. Now that is nice!

CORT is the national industry leader in the furniture rental space so why not give them a try or at the very least, check out what they have to offer the next time you need to relocate or are in a transitional period. I had no idea that this company or service even existed until writing this post. It’s so nice to know that this service is available. You can find more information on how to rent furniture on the CORT website.

*Disclosure: All images were provided and can be found on the CORT website.

This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Four Generations One Roof.

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  1. Hi Jessica,
    We have moved 12 times in our 50 yr. marriage. The first 10 years were in the Navy and we would have loved Cort Furniture because it seemed with every move we always needed some new furniture, (we weren’t lucky enough to ever have a furnished place) and I always needed to make new curtains because the old ones never fit in the new place. I love your redecorated rooms in your home. You certainly have the touch and I really enjoy your Blog.

    1. 12 times! Holy smokes! That is great that CORT was able to help you setting in and make a home 🙂 I think the company is pretty amazing and it’s wonderful that they have such a great service, especially for those like you who are/have been traveling while in the Military. Thank you for your kind words about our projects!

  2. Connie L. says:

    I have never heard of them but this would be great for kids living in an apartment too for college. What a great service!

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