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Who on earth would have ever thought that social media ten to 15 years ago, would be such a power house now. Not me! We put our park model home up for sale (see yesterday’s post) and I literally spent the entire day manning my emails and facebook messages answering questions and setting up showings. I have no idea if it will sell quickly or take a season or two but man, I am in total shock. Sometimes I often wonder if people even read our blog or look at our social media posts. – ha. I guess you do! One of you messaged me (nice to meet you Jenn!) within 1 minute sharing the blog post and turns out, she was local and has been following the blog for years! I showed them the park home within an hour. Crazy right? What a small world.

2016 Park Model Cottage Island Series Double Loft For Sale

2016 Park Model Island Series Loft For Sale See FULL Waterfront Campsite Details and more of park model home here

I literally shared a blog post, put a small snippet on our blog facebook page (do you follow us on facebook? Follow us here.) and placed a free ad on Facebook Market Place. It reached over 25,000 people in less than 12 hours and over 400 emails/messages/comments in those 12 hours. Mamma saaaaaay whaaaaa? Many were just curious, many were dreamers and some were interested. No clue if it will sell quickly but one thing is for sure, never under estimate the power of social media. I may have to post more things for sale. -ha

2016 Park Model Island Series Loft For Sale

Many of you emailed me privately yesterday asking if we were making changes because my grandparents are no longer living here and living in the Nursing Home full time. We aren’t as a family making any changes just yet but my husband and I are hoping to buy something with my parents in a year or two and in order to do that,  our tiny home must go. The house is pretty empty now and there is so much less chaos. My grandparents health declined quickly over the last 3 years and it took a toll on all of us emotionally and mentally trying to deal with, manage and cope with my grandfather’s mental illness, dementia, ALZ and my gram’s failing mobility issues. Not to mention, keeping the peace between the two of them. -ha. 

68 Years Wedding Anniversary + Grandparents News

My mom is pretty disappointed that we have decided to sell our campsite spot and Park Model Home. As many of you know, they rent a spot 8 sites down from us and this is their second season there. My mom is going through so many emotions and moving on, is kind of making her sad I think. This whole experience with my grandparents has made us all realize, we are not getting any younger, in fact, my parents will be my grandparents age in 17 short years. It BLOWS MY MIND to think of this all happening again in a few short years. I hope they live another 50 years but I know that isn’t going to happen. This whole ordeal really makes you think about life, death and where you want to be (or need to be) down the road. My parents will be retiring soon and they will be looking to downsize. Our current home is large, requires a lot of maintenance and expensive to run. We all share in the expenses but we may consider buying something together on the lake and/or building a new house. That isn’t for quite some time but getting prepared financially and unloading the tiny home is a must. 2016 Park Model Island Series Loft For Sale

We have several showings today, tomorrow and this week scheduled for our Park Model and like I told my mom, as one door closes, another one opens. A little secret, I am equally as sad as she is about selling, but I keep telling myself, something will come along down the road that will be exciting and fun to fix up. If money grew on trees, we would NEVER sell!-ha.  Change is constant and it’s time to move on. The campsite spot on the lake allowed us to get away from the house and get away from all the chaos that ensued daily with multi-generational living. Fingers crossed we find someone who will love it as much as we do and it sells quickly. 

Meet Jessica

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  1. Jennifer Bastien says:

    So nice to meet you too! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful blog 🙂

    1. Hi Jenn! 🙂 Thank you and stay in touch and hope your husbands lands the job soon 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    May the transition of your little treasure be as quick and pain free as possible! Jacquelyn

  3. Many changes are bittersweet, I know first hand. May the sweet part come smoothly and quickly!

  4. I will continue with prayers for a smooth transition in all aspects of what life is throwing at your family. Keep up your positive attitude, try to grab every snippet of happiness life offers, and hopes for a quick sale of the sweet tiny house. I can only dream of owning it, but so excited for the next family who gets to go on with further happy memories made there! Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  5. What a fabulous tiny house! We just spent the night there with our best friends-Mark and Andi! Such a wonderful retreat! I’m hoping they’ll invite us back next year!????

    1. Oh wow that is great!!! Did you venture to the loft for your sleeping quarters 😉 -ha. It was our slice of heaven for many years and loved it!

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