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Plymouth Ma Beach House Tour Family Trip

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A few weeks ago right before school started, we all headed to Plymouth, Ma as part of our Christmas gift (from last year) from my parents. My parents started a few years ago, purchasing a family trip instead of loads of gifts during Christmas. We are all for that around here! In the past, they have taken my family along with my brother’s family to Disney, Cape Cod, Lake Winnipesaukee and this year, Plymouth, Massachusetts. My grandparents stayed  home and held down the fort. They are home bodies and don’t enjoy traveling that much. Although, I think they may have liked this place.  They can handle a day maybe two of travel and then they want to kill each other and everyone else around them! ha

Plymouth Ma Beach House Tour

Plymouth Ma Beach House Tour Plymouth family trip

They rented this gorgeous home on Manomet Beach which my husband and I ended up extending the stay for a couple days.

Plymouth Ma Beach House Tour Plymouth family trip

The kitchen was gorgeous and the architectural detail throughout the entire home was beautiful. I should have brought my good camera, I would have loved to have taken more pictures of the home. My cell phone pictures are not the best quality but you’ll get the idea of the home. Unfortunately, the bedroom photographs were to dark to share but they were amazing.

plymouth ma family trip-1

Everyone should have an outdoor kitchen like this. What I wouldn’t do for one of these ;).

plymouth ma family trip-2-2

This is the main living room off the kitchen where the adults tended to hang out.

plymouth ma family trip-2 plymouth ma family trip-3-2

My dad enjoyed the back patio over looking the ocean. Perfect for his daily naps.

plymouth ma family trip-3

Sunsets were amazing from the deck.

plymouth ma family trip-4-2 plymouth ma family trip-4

Isn’t it beautiful? The house was large and perfect for all 10 of us.

plymouth ma family trip-5-2

My husband preparing breakfast.

plymouth ma family trip-5

Visiting the Mayflower was fun!

plymouth ma family trip-6-2

The downtown area was about 3 miles from the home. If you are ever visiting Plymouth, be sure to check out the Easy Bay Grill, Bayside Grill, The Lobster Shack, Crabby Shack and Cup Cake Charlies.

plymouth ma family trip-6

You can take a short or long guided tour around the town as well as a story themed visit on the Mayflower. Perfect for little ones.

plymouth ma family trip-7

plymouth ma family trip-8-2

It’s hard to imagine coming over across the ocean in a boat like this!

plymouth ma family trip-8

My parents had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with the kiddo’s and grandkids.

plymouth ma family trip-9-2

One of the nights we dined at RIO, a Brazilian Steakhouse. The amount of food was insane! You need to visit one of these restaurants if you ever have the chance. The food is carved right at your table and by the 7th course, I couldn’t eat another bite.

plymouth ma family trip-9

The kids were fascinated with the carving of the food.

plymouth ma family trip-10

Plymouth Rock.

plymouth ma family trip-10-2

A selfie with my parents.

plymouth ma family trip-11

One of the days we took the ferry to Province Town which is about a 1 hour ride from Plymouth.

plymouth ma family trip-12

Plymouth is the perfect spot if you are looking for a quaint seaside village loaded with historic charm.

plymouth ma family trip-13

Near the boat ramp in the center of town, there is a path of rocks that you can walk all the way out to the end. It took us about an hour and I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. Not my cup of tea but the kids loved it!

plymouth ma family trip-24

We did spend a lot time at the house playing games, swimming and enjoying the peace and serenity. The home had a large movie room that was perfect for the kids.

plymouth ma family trip-27

plymouth ma family trip-17 plymouth ma family trip-18

plymouth ma family trip-19

The private beach was so clean and clear it was amazing. The kids loved looking for jelly fish.

plymouth ma family trip-20 plymouth ma family trip-21 plymouth ma family trip-22

I found this cute sign in one of the shops. Isn’t it adorable?

plymouth ma family trip-26

 Plymouth marks great prominence in American history as it is where the site of the colony that was founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims who arrived on the famous ship, the Mayflower. Plymouth is where New England was established. I learned a lot about my heritage on this trip as my ancestors (on my mom’s side) were passengers on the Mayflower. John and Priscilla Alden are somewhere in my family tree and I am on a mission to find out where. I started while we were on vacation researching and ended up back 5 generations and hit a road block, it will be fun to see where it ends up!

PS. Love this home and want to rent it? You can find it here, Homeaway.com property id is #289016. I was not paid to write this review either, we just REALLY like this place 😉

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  1. Looks like a great time!

    1. jeannine english says:

      Oh I am green eyed with jealousy here!!! LOVE that area of the world 🙂 That house is amazing—wouldn’t mind having my name on the deed 🙂 You have a lovely family!

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