The day my husband came home to no bed

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First let me say, thank you for all the kind comments and emails on our Fall Home Tour from last week. You sure do know how to make a girl feel good! Today I am sharing, the day my husband came home to no bed. A few months ago, just before school got out for the summer, I got disgusted with our master bedroom and decided it had to go away. Everything in it had to leave, except the mattress. That baby is brand new and super comfy so it could stay. I mean, it wasn’t completely awful but just boring, mismatched, the bedding didn’t fit and the red was always glaring at me saying, “get rid of me!” Not to mention that insane boob light that my dad thought was his best idea ever to install. Remind me to share the day I came home and saw that thing hanging above our bed.

master bedroom before-1

When we moved in over six years ago, it was suppose to be temporary so our bedroom just kind of lived like this with the assumption that we would buy our own house and move out. Well as you know, that never happened and the bedroom still looks the same 6 years later! In my previous life, I loved traditional, dark old style furnishings and decor. I think it’s because that was my mom’s style and when I graduated college and bought my own house, that was the decor I tended to gravitate towards. I didn’t really have my own style like I do now. So when we moved in with my parents, I used old curtains and bedding that was left over from probably 15 years ago and thought, I’ll just buy something new when we move.

master bedroom before-007

We turned that closet into something fabulous which I will share with you soon. It’s a DIY project we did over a year ago and I just never got around to sharing it.

master bedroom before-008

The funny thing is, my husband had no idea the day I decided to clean out the room. There was nothing wrong with the furniture, I just wanted a more modern cottage lighter set. This set was almost 15 years old and it served us well. On a whim one day I called my mom at work and said, “hey, does anyone want to buy a bedroom set that you work with?” She works with so many women that always seem to buy our stuff so I thought, it’s worth a try right? I was shocked when she called me back an hour later and said that someone did want to buy it and would be there by the end of the day to pick it up! YIKES!

So my husband left for work and when he returned later that night, he found this.

master bedroom before  Not the best picture but you can see, the room is just about empty. He wanted to kill me.

master bedroom makeover before

My grandfather watched as they lugged out the furniture in dismay as he couldn’t believe I sold our furniture without telling my husband. I couldn’t help but giggle. My husband knew we were planning a makeover at some point, he just didn’t know when. Sometimes you just need to act spontaneously when you have a space you don’t love. In this case, it meant getting rid of everything. What I didn’t realize when I sold the furniture was that our entire summer would be spent at the lake and fixing up our new seasonal campsite. That took the entire summer and every ounce of energy I could find to finish so needless to say, we have slept on the floor for a few months ;). Stay tuned, the room is currently being painted and the new furnishings, compliments of Wayfair and Birch Lane are in route to our home!

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