Pancake Sunday {multigenerational family tradition}

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Pancake Sunday is a family tradition that my dad started almost five years ago when we moved in. EVERY single Sunday, without fail, my dad makes pancakes and leaves them on the stove for my son when he wakes up. They are simple boxed pancakes but made with so much love. A multigenerational family tradition that my son loves!

pancake sunday

My dad wakes up before 5am, sometimes before 4am and he and my grandfather have breakfast together every Sunday morning and watch westerns from 400 hundred years ago. I have no idea what they find so fascinating about those shows but they love them. Around 6am, like clock work, I can smell the breakfast cooking in the kitchen and of course, a plate full of pancakes for my son and more added to the plate if my step-daughter’s are here for the weekend.

pancake sunday I mean seriously, who would think that these little o’l pancakes would be a family tradition. The same spot on the stove and the same looking pancakes EVERY single Sunday.

pancake sunday

Many Sunday mornings, the sun beams in our kitchen and there the pancakes sit. It’s the first thing my son looks for when he comes down stairs Sunday mornings. Sometimes he grabs one off the plate as he runs into the family room to say good morning and other times he loads them up with butter and syrup and says, “gramps makes good pancakes”.  Just one benefit among many of mulitgenerational living. I have been known to steal a pancake on occasion :).

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  1. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    I love it! When my kids were growing up, I used to make breakfast every weekend. Saturdays usually consisted of different things – mostly Mexican-type offerings such as potato & egg tacos, migas (I’ll explain those sometime), chorizo & egg tacos, etc. But Sundays I ALWAYS made pancakes, too! Somehow Sundays were just made for pancakes… 🙂

    1. Thanks Helen 🙂 I agree, Sunday’s are for those traditional kinds of events! Happy 4th!

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