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Our Stylish Pool House Makeover is complete

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Our pool house makeover is complete! Well, it’s as complete as it’s going to get for this summer. Ideally, I would love to plank the floor and ceiling but for now, a painted floor and ceiling did the trick. I shared our pool house/music studio a few weeks ago showing how it essentially was storage for pool supplies, pool furniture and my husband’s drum set. The drums may eventually return but for now, they are in an air conditioned space allowing my husband to play throughout the summer. My mom and I took this opportunity to clear out the space and give it a makeover. I was thrilled when Home Goods wanted to participate offering gift cards to both you and me! Home Goods is offering two readers a $50 gift card. Read on, you can enter soon!

pool house makeover

I added wide pine planks to one wall in an effort to achieve a modern cottage feel. I added 3/4 high board and batten painted white dove to the remaining walls and painted the top wythe blue. Both the paint colors are by Benjamin Moore. The best thing about the paint, it was left over from our family room makeover so there was no cost involved.

our pool house makeover

Here is the before picture of this wall with the drums in front of it.

our pool house makeover

This space has come “a long” way in a few weeks.  Here is the new view from the french doors that lead to the pool.

our pool house makeover

Here is the old view from the french doors.

our pool house makeover

The white distressed coat hook assembly, white sheer drapery, vase and blue throw pillows are from Home Goods. As you know, Home Goods offers a variety of home decor at reasonable prices allowing you to achieve a fresh modern look on a budget. Would you believe me if I told you that is the same DIY couch that I sawzalled in half last year? It is! I will be sharing how I reupholstered it AGAIN soon.

our pool house makeover Everything you see in this space, besides the goodies from Home Goods, are items my mom and I had hanging around the house. I painted the armoire white dove that is currently serving as storage for the beach towels and the mini-refrigerator. The floor lantern, armoire lanterns, candles and clock are all from Home Goods.

our pool house makeover

Here is the same view before the makeover. Isn’t it amazing what paint and wooden wall treatments will add to a space? I painted the floor with the left over Restore patio and porch paint that we had left over from our patio paint project last summer.

our pool house makeover

The small end table is one that I painted a couple years ago that use to live in our foyer. The coat hooks are perfect for hanging towels. My mom especially loves how the white sheer drapery add a sense of “home” to the space. The sheers from Home Goods were $15 for two! Seriously, you can’t even buy fabric and make these length curtains for that amount of money.

our pool house makeover

Here is the view before of this wall.

our pool house makeover

The planked wall though is my favorite addition to this space. I painted the sofa table in ASCP duck egg blue with a coat of white dove on the top. I love how the two colors coordinate together.

our pool house makeover

The planked wall is plywood that I cut to 6 inches wide and painted in the color white dove. Be sure to check out the tutorial of how I did this using a quarter and a couple hours of time. Here is what it looked like during the planking process.

our pool house makeover

I am in love with this wall. The drift wood, weaved floor basket, baby blue wire hanging baskets, and blue vase add the touch of rustic coastal elegance we wanted in this space. We wanted an overall modern cottage feel with a hint of coastal elegance.  The hydrangeas in our yard are in full bloom so I took the opportunity to show them off and share them with you.

our pool house makeover

I love how the duck egg blue on the sofa table and whythe blue on the walls coordinates with the white planked wall.

our pool house makeover

The wire baskets from Home Goods are hung with a tiny nail and are perfect for rolled towels.

our pool house makeover

So what do you think? Are you ready to enter to win your own $50 Home Goods Gift Card?

pool house makeover

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Two readers will win a $50 Home Goods Gift card.  The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. Having difficulty entering? Email me @ jessica {at} fourgenerationsoneroof {dot} com. Good luck and be sure to share this giveaway with your friends via facebook or twitter. 

Overall, we are so pleased with how our pool house turned out. Not bad for using items around our home, left over paint and wood supplies and a few lovely accessory items from Home Goods to add the finishing touches. I will tell you, I am happy that our pool house makeover is complete and we still have the rest of the summer to enjoy it. We recently just created an outdoor poolside space as well, so be sure to view the pool area for ideas as well. Be sure to enter the giveaway in the “easy to use” rafflecopter widget above. Good luck!

I was provided complimentary gift cards by home goods to purchase a few fun items for a space in my home. I think they are a lovely addition to our pool house, thank you Home Goods! All opinions and words are 100% my own. 

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  1. Actually, I’ve never heard of Home Goods before, but from the looks of their products, I’ll be checking them out real soon!! 🙂

  2. I adore HomeGoods because they always have new things and the assortment is amazing! I never walk out empty-handed! 8)

  3. Beautiful! I wish I had a pool house! My fiance and I just made an offer on a house. If we get it, I might like to do something like this in the garage since we will be using it as a party space for future birthdays and family get togethers. It’s a really old garage that dates back 100 years when the house was built. This design would look perfect with it.

    What makes me happy about shopping at home goods? EVERYTHING. I don’t have nearly enough space in this house for everything I want from them!

  4. I love how reasonable the prices are at HomeGoods. And they always have a great selection.

  5. Home Goods is my FAVORITE go-to store for everything I need in the house! i’m in love with your baskets, pillows and bed linens! I have to schedule HOURS when I’m going, as i have to stop and look at everything!

  6. I love Home Goods! The items are high quality and colorful at a great price!! The buyers really know how to choose great decorator items for us.

  7. Oh my heavens, I love love love those hanging wire baskets!! Simply adorable. I think that I need to stop at a Home Goods near me and find those ASAP.

    Is it just me or do you also go there for one thing and find your basket full at the checkout?

    Nicole @ Rolled Into One

  8. I love your pool house. The colors are so beautiful. And i love Home Goods. They have the best bargains-bedding, pillows, rugs and so much more!

  9. I love home goods because everything is so affordable! As renters, It makes it easy to make a dramatic change in a room with just accessories, curtains, etc.

  10. I can almost ALWAYS find exactly what I’m looking for at HomeGoods. It’s the very first place I go to when needing to fill a wall space, or set a table, or refresh a bathroom…etc…the list goes on and one. I LOVE HomeGoods!

  11. Hahaha…. I swear when I think of you I think Jessica/the woman who cut her sofa in half and reassembled it, Hand in Hand the two go together – just like milk and cookies, chocolate and wine.

    Your pool house looks fantastic! Another great job well done!

  12. I love Home Goods! So much cool stuff there & new ideas of things to do!

    Your pool house makeover is gorgeous~ I love it! I especially like the planked wall and sofa table and the combination of colors there~ Great job!

  13. Love Home Goods…..I never walk out of there without a new throw pillow or basket….I may have a problem. 😉

  14. Sadly, I don’t have a Homegoods near me! The closest is a few hours away, so I treasure any time I get to visit one!!

  15. I love home goods! I love the variety of styles they have and that they are affordable! And it’s the one place my husband enjoys home shopping too 🙂

  16. I have never shopped Home Goods but your room looks fantastic and I love that round mirror, good job!

  17. I have to admit I’ve never been in a HomeGoods. Would love to go shop there. Thanks for chance to win. Your pool house looks great.

  18. Love shopping at Home Goods! Always something to inspire down every aisle! Great job-it’s gorgeous!

  19. I LOVE Home Goods! So many beautiful, useful things at such reasonable prices. I tell all my friends and family about this store!

  20. I just went to Home Goods for the first time recently, and I’m hooked! It’s a two-hour drive, but worth it for the variety… I’m going back next week!

  21. I LOVE Home Goods!! They always have a million things I want, and their selection is always changing – I love just going in to look…bought most of the items for my guest bathroom from them.

  22. My DiLs love Home Goods, I’ve never been, but this might just be the incentive I needed! Great job on the pool house – looks absolutely refreshing and adorable!


  23. I recently moved into a condo in Riviera Beach and have been to Home Goods 6 times in 4 weeks….LOVE all their coastal stuff….I am ADDICTED!

  24. I recently moved here where there is a Home Goods within a few miles from our new place and I’ve been there six times in four weeks. LOVE all the coastal decorations….I am ADDICTED!

  25. I LOVE Home Goods!!! I love finfing things for my home and friends that make me smile in the inside when I look at them. 😉

  26. This is such an awesome space. I love the planked wall and the colors. The mirror is great too. I have a very similar piece of driftwood on my dining room table, and I love it.

  27. I love shopping at Home Goods!! So many beautiful things to look at. What makes me the happiest is when I find a great item for an even better price!

  28. what DOESN’T make me happy about shopping at HG? but really, the good prices for things i pine for at higher prices are my favorite part! 🙂

  29. I just recently discovered the Home Goods store near me and immediately found baskets that I had been in search of! Would love to go back again to shop!

  30. the thing I love the most about Home Goods is that I can always find something for you in a room of my home. I love Home Goods! by the way, the pool house look gorgeous!

  31. Wow! What a transformation. I came across the image/this blog post thru Home Goods’ Pinterest. I follow all their boards. lol

    My husband want to remodel the shed we have now into an all out pool house. It’s on the Long Term list but I still love to gather ideas on my Pool House Project Board.
    ( http://pinterest.com/suze_news/pool-house-project/ )
    I’m always looking for inspiration!

    I LOVE the plank on the walls. It changed the whole room. That was a spectacular idea. I love the colors and the whole cottage-y look. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Home Goods makes me happy ’cause I can find everything there – for my house, my patio, and my pets!

  33. I love Home Goods, I can always find something there and the something is always at a good price too!

  34. Great makeover! I especially love the mirror. What makes me happy about shopping at Home Goods is that the things they carry have so much character and I can always find something cute even if it’s just a canister for coffee beans!

  35. Great makeover! I love it all. The board & batten really lends interest to the space. The colors are great. I absolutely love the wall baskets and need to win the Home Goods Giveaway to get some for myself!

  36. Wow . Just beautiful . I’m usually a stalker but I has to tell you how lovely the room turned out . Gorgeous and thank you for the chance to win a home goods gift card . Love that store !

  37. This is one INCREDIBLE room makeover! Which is typical of you. But what I really can’t believe is that in these photos I have finally found the kind of pillows I’ve been looking for, for my daughter’s room, for over a year! And now I know, I can find them at HomeGoods! How awesome is that? I couldn’t even believe my eyes. They are perfect.

  38. I still have a gift card to Home Goods from CHRISTMAS! My babysitting family gave it to me. I’ve never been to Home Goods and am waiting for just the right time to go in. Maybe the two cards combined would be enough to let me run free? [giggle]

  39. They offer such a mix of everything that sometimes I forget the reason why I go in. Although, do you really need a reason?

  40. I love you pool room makeover… It is so inviting and peaceful. And the colors are my favorite… I also love HomeGoods… Have found so many wonderful things their – always new and different….

  41. Seriously, what is not to love about shopping at Home Goods? There is always a treasure to be found!

  42. Love everything about the makeover! I wish I had a pool house 😉 home goods is my favorite store too!

  43. I love the prices, look and feel of their huge rugs at my parents’ store in CT. Wish we could get the same ones in Lynnwood. Since I found out they have a store here, I’ve stopped by 4-5 times (30 min drive in no traffic) and am not finding what I want. I’m told they always hang whatever rugs they get in, every day.

  44. Pretty much the entire store makes me happy! It’s very easy to find at LEAST one thing to buy, if not 20 things. . There’s things for kids & pets and for cooking and decorating. What’s not to love?!

  45. I haven’t had the pleasure of shopping there yet. I just found out there is one in the next town over. I am so going there!!

  46. I love shopping HomeGoods and love the products you chose for your space. I find they have a variety in the styles I love at a price point I really like! I’m a huge TJ Maxx fan too (and our HomeGoods is combined with it so it is a win win!)

  47. HomeGoods is my dreamland! I love to go and just drool over the aMAZing eye candy , and I invariably come out with something new and beautiful to add the perfect touch to my space 🙂

    1. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love…that’s why I like shopping at HomeGoods. It’s heavenly! I could spend hours there wandering up and down the various isles, and I oftentimes do. I even turn the ringer off on my phone so I can enjoy my “HomeGoods time” in peace. 🙂 Woosah

  48. The pool house looks fantastic! Love the aqua. Hoping I win so I can continue my back porch makeover.

  49. Love looking at the Home Goods items. I can’t wait to shop in one of their stores the next time I’m in a city where they are located.

  50. Since I arrived to this country and bought my new house, I am addicted to Home Goods!! Their products are fresh, genuine, different, unique….. Simply, I love them 🙂

  51. I love the lanterns, the blue vase and sea grass basket! Like the planked walls and white armoire, too. I hope I win because I saw some beautiful pillows in Home Goods tonight that are calling my name! Wouldn’t mind finding some lanterns like yours, either!

  52. Love homegoods its a fun place to shop. Lots of variation of items and love the change up. Great fun any season, especially Christmas. 🙂

  53. Thank you for the inspiration! We are moving into a new house with a pool house in a few weeks and I can’t wait to get started!

  54. I love everything about home goods! What makes me Home Goods Happy is that I can find unique items for every room in our house on a budget!

  55. Forgot to mention that I love the selection at Homegoods and the seasonal merchandise. Pretty much any theme you are working with, HG will have something that fits!

  56. I have never seen this store before but I would love to shop there! Items featured in this blog are gorgeous and priced reasonably, too!

  57. LOVE your complete pool house – the colors, textures and little touches. I love Home Goods too – great prices and selectionn.

  58. I love Home Goods! There’s so many good things there. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I love your pool room.

  59. Your pool house is fantastic! We have a Home Goods nearby but I have never been in it. What is wrong with me? I will definitely be heading their soon! Thanks!

  60. Simply gorgeous! Love everything about it from the colors, the pine plank wall, the aacessories…everything! What I truly want to know is whatever did you do with that big, ol’ drumset! Lol. We had one of those that took every inch of space in our basement, but fortunately, our son lost interest & we sold it. Now we have our basement back! ;0)

  61. Simply gorgeous! Love everything about it from the colors, the pine plank wall, the aacessories…everything! Home Goods is the bomb for decorating from top to bottom! Can’t pick just one thing, but I guess it would be that they’re on top of what the consumer wants in terms of styling trends….

    What I truly want to know is whatever did you do with that big, ol’ drumset! Lol. We had one of those that took every inch of space in our basement, but fortunately, our son lost interest & we sold it. Now we have our basement back! ;0)

  62. I love Home Goods more than my husband wishes I would. If they had layaway I would really be in trouble. 😉

  63. I love Home Goods more than my husband wishes I would. If they had layaway I would really be in trouble. 😉

  64. I love Home Goods more than my husband wishes I would. If they had layaway I would really be in trouble. 😉

  65. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores and has been a great help in decorating our new home for a reasonable price!

  66. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores and has been a great help in decorating our new home for a reasonable price!

  67. Home Goods is always the best retail therapy for me! I love finding decorative items for our home that is unique and affordable!

  68. The pool house looking beautiful! I don’t think you are crazy for putting plywood up on perfectly good walls.

    I love shopping at Home Goods because it’s hard to leave empty handed. They always have something I wasn’t looking for. My husband dislikes HG for the same reason!

  69. The prices and the idea’s I get is what I like about HomeGoods . When I’m having a bad day, HomeGoods always makes me happy.

  70. I shop at Home Goods at least once a week and I love their ever changing selection most of all. Every time I go in, the shelves are full of a new selection of the most fabulous home décor. I never leave empty handed!

  71. Every time I visit Home Goods, I get more ideas for my home. One rug or lamp can give me an idea for a whole room.

  72. I haven’t had the opportunity to shop Home Goods but would love to have the experience. A $50.00 gift card would be a great incentive! 🙂

  73. Love the plank wall! And baskets and mirror and colors……and, well, everything!!! Great job!

  74. I go to Home Goods to get that one item that will be my jumping off point for my current decorating project. And then I always find more items. They have great prices and the selection is always over the top. My girlfriend and I always have to go up and down each aisle to make sure we don’t miss anything.

  75. I have a Marshalls/Homegoods combo store near me. Its huge! I am in there at least once a week to check out what is new! My last big purchase was a rug.

  76. I haven’t heard of Home Goods before but will be checking them out soon. My house is very cottagey but stuck in the 80s. I’m planning to make it over this summer and love the look of this. I may steal this look for my living/dining/kitchen/FL room area (very small house). I LOVE the wythe blue paint color but am wondering if it will be too much blue if I paint floor to ceiling on the walls….

  77. I sometimes go to Home Goods just to look around– everything makes me so happy and gives me decorating inspiration 🙂 But of course, it’s always fun to buy things too!!

  78. I love the feeling of creating a fresh template whenever I walk into home goods! I would love multiple homes to create several looks!

  79. I love Home Goods! I am redoing the style of my house right now, and I founds some great accent pieces at Home Goods last week!

  80. Everything about HomeGoods makes me happy; the style, the colors, the quality, & most of all the prices.

  81. I am totally in love with your wall!!! I want to do that to every room in my home :-). Everything looks wonderful!!!

    1. Home goods is my fave store in the area!!! I leave with so much but spend surprisingly so little in comparison.

    2. Home goods is my fave store in the area!!! I leave with so much but spend surprisingly so little in comparison.

  82. I love Home Goods ! So many choices to add just the “right” things to a room without breaking the bank.

  83. I love shopping at Home Goods because I can find affordable decor and anything I need to change up my home. I love it!

  84. There is now a Home Ggods store in our area and I can’t wait to visit. Friends have told me how great it is and online blogs have showcased neat finds from the store.

  85. I love shopping at Home Goods because of the unique decor. It makes me happy to find items I love that I know are not going to be in everyone elses home. It is hand’s down my favorite home decor store!

  86. The thing that makes me happy about shopping Home Goods is seeing my vision realized with all of the awesome decor they have! Thanks for the giveaway this is awesome

  87. We don’t have a Home Goods store in my area but I’ve been hearing (and seeing) about it on the internet – have plans to visit when I head to the “Big” city soon. I love the products you chose and hope to add some updates to our home too! Thank you!

  88. I LOVE Homegoods for accessories and such. They have a great selection, unique items, and of course great prices!!

  89. I am terrible at picking out accessories, and there I can see them in store and really visualize how they will look in my space. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  90. After hearing so much about Home Goods on decorating blogs, I was excited to hear that there was one less than an hour away. I love that it is affordable so that I don’t feel guilty when I am ready for a new look!

  91. I love the touch of costal design and I have always wanted to do a plank wall. Now I know it would look great!

    Home Goods always has the best variety! I have learned that when you see soemthing you like, get it; it could be gone the next time!

  92. You have such a beautiful blog and I absolutely love your pool house! I came across it on Pinterest and can’t believe that I haven’t been here before. I’m a huge Home Goods fan too and love their selection of home decor and storage items. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Jenn 🙂

  93. So awesome!!! I’m inspired. I especially appreciate how on top of things you are with your projects. I feel like I’m always wanting to do one thing or another, but I get discouraged easily. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  94. Fantastic job! Love love love the plank wall. All of the Home Goods items are adorable in your room. Love that store so thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  95. Although I am an empty nester at the moment, my home has been a multi generational household. We loved it!! Love Home Goods too and am hoping to be a winner. Thank you for the opportunity.

  96. Love HomeGoods and all the fun accessories there. Your pool house is amazing!! I wish you could come help decorate my house and my pool area!! Come to Florida, please! LOL! 🙂

  97. The prices at Home Goods make me happy! And the trill of the hunt… you never know what you’re going to find!

  98. The pool house looks absolutely beautiful! I really love how you arranged the furniture at an angle, too. Everything is so coordinated, fresh and inviting. Just perfect for summer. Great job!

  99. Home Goods is my happy place because it allows me to be a dreamer and make it come to reality! Thanks Home Goods!!

  100. StuffWhat Makes Me Happy Is That We Actually Have A HomeGoods Now! I’d Love To Win And Go Shopping. So Much Great Stuff To Choose From! (Sorry About All The Caps — Can’t Figure Out Why My Phone Does That!)

  101. What a transformation! Love the new fresh look! Home Goods is my favorite store to find treasures for my home. I love that I can find stylish items for much lower prices.

  102. I really like Home Goods. The prices are affordable and the stuff is stylish. I like shopping there as I never know what I might find!

  103. I can always find something that makes me happy at Home Goods! Weather it’s small or big it always adds the perfect touch to my home!

  104. I love that you can find some great “designer knock-offs” for a great price and make your home just as stylish as if you spent double sometimes triple the price somewhere else.

  105. Your pool house is gorgeous!

    I like shopping at Home Goods because they have a great selection of on trend items at very reasonable prices!

  106. I LOVE this makeover! It turned out gorgeous. I love Home Goods too — did you get the mirror there too?

  107. I LOVE HomeGoods! I am like a kid in a candy store when I go and explore all of the adorable household decor items! Would love to win…thanks so much for offering this!

  108. I worked at TJX for a while and it’s so fascinating how they really look for the newest most fabulous goodies and really work hard to make everything affordable. And I love going and not knowing what I’m going to find.

  109. Question is, what does not make me happy about Home Goods? I have never left that store empty handed. Love it, it’s like happiness in a giant square and you don’t know which corner to go to first?

  110. Question is, what does not make me happy about Home Goods? I have never left that store empty handed. Love it, it’s like happiness in a giant square and you don’t know which corner to go to first?

  111. The prices, the variety and the pleasant surroundings and employees make me happy to shop there.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  112. Home goods have so many things to choose from whenever I want to change my decor. And they are not so expensive that I cannot afford them. I love the great assortment. They seem to always have something there for me.

  113. You did an amazing job, Jessica! Wow -what a change! I love that it now has a peaceful, pretty, beach cottage feel. Beautiful colors and accents.

  114. Wow you’re style and decor is beautiful. That baby blue is gorgeous!!! What paint color name/brand is it? I would love to do something similar.

    I absolutely loveeee homegoods!!! Their vases, curtains, and kitchenware are my favorite!
    I just bought my first house and will be shopping there for some more decor!

  115. I love Home Goods because every time I go in they have something new and beautiful. Home goods is my favorite place to shop!

  116. Gorgeous! I have the perfect storage/shed building in the backyard to do this exact makeover to. If only I could talk my husband into turning loose of it! 😉

  117. Home Goods is amazing! Their is a gravitational pull when I drive by that place. I am weak so I find myself standing with a full cart in know time flat.

  118. Love this makeover, love the use of chalk paint and especially love the Home Goods items….just did a little shopping there today. This post makes me want to redo so many things in my house now! Thanks for sharing!

  119. I LOVE Home Goods! There isn’t one super close to where I live, but it’s definitely worth the extra 45 minute drive to go visit one and stock up on some really neat stuff every once in a while! My favorite thing is that their products are always different every time you go in, and they are even different between stores (meaning you probably won’t find the same throw pillow on your friend’s couch). I love the uniqueness and great prices. Seriously, it is my favorite reasonably priced home decor store!

  120. LOVELY update!!! It is so fresh and comfy cozy, and inviting. Well done. I love love LOVE HomeGoods. Hope I can find the same items you did at mine in FL!!! WOW!

  121. I love the makeover! Looks cool and inviting. Looking forward to Home Goods opening here in a few months.

  122. My family and I are moving to a new house next month. I love decorating and organizing and it would be nice having new stuff ’cause we usually get our stuff from resale stores. The products at home goods are great qualit for a reasonable price. You cant beat that! 🙂

  123. Make me so wish we could do a renovation like this…..so pretty! I love Home Goods and her “sister” stores!

  124. The pool house is wonderful. I’d love to settle in there with a good book and some soothing music.

  125. I love the different styles of accessories. Me and my husband, after a long struggle to find “our” house, are finally closing this week. I would love to check them out for a few statement pieces to help decorate our new home. 🙂

  126. I love the different styles of accessories. Me and my husband, after a long struggle to find “our” house, are finally closing this week. I would love to check them out for a few statement pieces to help decorate our new home. 🙂

  127. I love just walking around HomeGoods. I get tons of ideas and inspiration. Of course, I usually end up buying something too. I love that I can get things for literally ANY room in the house. Nursery, Bathroom, Office, Kitchen, Living Roomm, Dining Room, Bedroom, etc.

  128. Home Goods is my happy place. There is always something that I “need” and I don’t have to spend a lot of money to be happy. Just love to wander around, there is always something new to see.
    Thanks for the chance for more happiness.

  129. I can always find something at Home Goods, it’s my happy place.
    Thanks for the chance for more happiness.

  130. Isn’t HomeGoods the greatest! For home décor as well as clothes. And handbags. And pasta from Italy. And and and … anyway, I love the bright white and blue for a pool house, it feels so fresh and summery.

  131. Dear Jessica,

    your pool house makeover looks fabulous to me. I like the color palettes of maritim refering to the pool outside. But I have a question, what is happened with the beautiful shaker rocking chair from the before photos? It is a wonderful piece!
    I just discover your blog today and will read more now.
    Greetings, Ria

  132. What FUN, Jessica! I love your pool house makeover … wow, what a change! The planked wall is awesome … the wire baskets are perfect for the wall, and Home Goods always come to the rescue, doesn’t it?

  133. I’m new to your blog and have already spent countless hours browsing around for inspiration on our new home. Your style and choice in accenting is amazing, I love everything! Just looked to see where the closest HomeGoods store is and it’s 100 miles away 🙁 Might have to make a special trip soon!

  134. I love Home Goods because I can almost always find a piece that fits perfectly somewhere in my house. The eclectic style of the store means there’s something for everyone!

  135. i have not yet had a chance to shop at home goods but can’t wait until i can!!!!! i drool over all the items i see pinned and posted. i don’t have a store very close so it will have to be a road trip with a girlfriend soon!!

  136. I love Home Goods because I can almost always find a “must have” piece for my house. The eclectic style of the store means there’s something for everyone!

  137. Love Home Goods! Great job on the pool house makeover, it looks so cute and cozy! I wish I had a room to do like that.

  138. Everything makes me happy from Home Goods! They have a wide selection of trendy items at such great prices!

  139. I love Home Goods because they have great deals and an amazing selection of stylish products for your home.

  140. I am inspired every time I walk into HomeGoods! The very affordable prices and the selection allow my mind to run wild with decorating possibilities!

  141. I love that HomeGoods offers designer bedding and housewares at great prices. Makes my house look beautiful!

  142. Everything makes me happy about shopping at Home Goods. I l ove the selection and the price if all the items.

  143. Beautiful is the one word that popped in my mind when viewing your Pool House Makeover!!! Love, love, love everything, walls are awesome and that rattan ottoman is the business!! Do you remember where you or your mommy bought it?? Thanks!!

  144. Jess, I love the changes and projects you do around your house! I am considering Having you come over for ideas 🙂 great job on the pool house 🙂

  145. Haven’t tried Home Goods, but the featured items in the post ‘stylish pool house makeover’ look great.

  146. What makes me happy is knowing I can find an eclectic and classy mix of things at HomeGoods. From cake mixes to designer bedsheets to letterpress notecards to cool accent furniture, I love that inspires customers to be their best creative self and their own designer!

  147. I would love to shop at a Home Goods store!! But there isn’t one in my town 🙁 There is one about 35 miles away so when (get it…”when”….) I win, I’ll be on my way to shop, and I have no doubt I will find waaay more than $50 worth to buy!

  148. HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores. I LOVE all the things I can find to use around the house at great prices. I never fail to find something that will add just that perfect little touch to a room, which is why my husband gets scared every time I go 😉

  149. Going to Home Goods is like going on a treasure hunt. You never know what you are going to discover, but you can be sure there will be great finds!

    Your pool house looks fabulous! You did a great job!


  150. I recently went to Homegoods after a long hiatus of shopping; simply crossing the threshold made me happy! Everywhere I looked were beautiful home decor objects! Soon they will start selling fall decor, my absolute favorite!!! 🙂

  151. I would have to write a novel to tell you all the things that make me happy about shopping at HomeGoods!!!

  152. Beautiful room that looks like it would be cool and refreshing even on the hottest of summer sultry days. Just sit back, relax and sip that lemonade 🙂 I bet Home Goods has the perfect glasses and serving tray.

  153. I just found out we have a Home Goods about an hour from our house!!! I can’t wait to check it out!!!!

  154. I discovered Home Goods about a year ago and now shop there and TJ Maxx and Marshalls for home decor, fashion, my grand children and gifts for all holidays! Pure bliss at afordable prices! Love, love, love!

  155. I love the make over! I’m planing on doing something similar to our basement. Love the blue wall and touches of detail!

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