Spring foyer reveal {before & after}

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A couple days ago I spruced up our foyer and added a few little things to make it springy, bright and cheery. This is the foyer right off of our driveway so it’s the first thing you see as you enter the house. I painted the chest (old toy box) white,  different pillows on the couch ,  some new drapes (well old but new for this space) and  added some flowers.



foyer, spring, may 2012

I bought a bath mat for $6 at Marshals and recovered a lampshade on the light. One of these days, I will try tiling. I’m not a fan of the carpet but for now, a bath mat will do! 🙂

spring, foyer, flowers

I put a quick coat of white paint on the chest and would you believe me if I told you that I recovered the lamp shade with my gram’s night gown?She passed away last summer and my mom still hasn’t gone through all her clothes and she had some really cool looking things so I asked her if I could use the night gown for the shade. She was so happy to see it finished 🙂

spring, foyer, peacock lamp shade

bright, flowers, spring,

Sorry the sun is beaming in these pictures but it has rained here for days and yesterday was finally sunny in the afternoon so I quickly took some pictures before it rained again.

How about you, have you done any spring decorating? Tell me what you have done!

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    1. Thanks so much Jenna for stopping by and your sweet comment 🙂 xo back atcha!

  1. So pretty! You’re so creative!

  2. So pretty! I think fresh flowers are one of the best things you can add to a room. That blue tin planter and flowers is stunning!

  3. What a great spruce-up! I love everything in the room. I especially think that using grandma’s night gown is creative and endearing!

    Thanks for all the inspiration you provide us readers. I wish I had half of it….and time to carry it out, lol!

  4. I was doing my daily stalking of Young House Love and came across your blog thru them…we have the same tastes in fabric from JoAnns…I noticed several you used that I have used in the past…and here I am in Lubbock, Texas! ha

    You are bless to have your parents and grandfather still living…I was sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing last year…we are a family of four generations also…but it is just my mother that is still living and as busy as her 86 year old body can be! 🙂

    Everything you have redone in your home is lovely!!

    So enjoyed looking at your blog site!!

    Laura D.

    1. That is great that your gram is with you 🙂 Yes, my mom’s mom passed away last summer so now it’s just my dad’s parents (my gram and gramp) living here. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet words about our room!

  5. Wait your grandma passed away last summer? It must be a different grandma then the one who lives with u currently I guess…

    1. My mom’s mom passed away last summer. She use to live here also with my dad’s parents. Yes, both sides of grandparents lived here at one time. Now it’s just my dad’s parents living here 🙂

      1. Your mother housed her parents and in-laws! Good lord she must be a super nice lady! Love your family.

        1. Oh yes, she is a saint 🙂 My dad just kind of goes with the flow. He’s pretty saintly as well! 🙂

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