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Our kitchen Renovation Series {installing new cabinets}

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Oh my goodness, this has been a crazy blogging series friends! Our kitchen renovation series is in the home stretch and today, we are installing the Diamond line cabinets from Masterbrand.

As you many of you know, this kitchen renovation series is sponsored by Masterbrand and I have to say, we love them! Up until now, I have been sharing mess after mess but today, you finally get to see some cabinets.


At this point of the renovation, we have no electricity in the kitchen so the pictures are not the best but you’ll get the jist of it. Sometimes we were working with almost zero day light so it was tough to get a decent picture. For those of you wondering if my grandfather is involved in this renovation, he is. He is a bystander that hangs out and makes faces ;). haha

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

We started by installing the corner lazy susan.  It is customary to install the corner cabinet first. This gives you a point of reference and starting point. Once we had our corner cabinet installed, we started by clamping the side cabinets together in order to keep them in place before screwing them together. Using clamps will create a tight fit and prevent the cabinets from shifting until fastened with screws.

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

Isn’t that the best lazy susan you have ever seen? Wait until you see how it pulls out!

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

Unless you are installing your cabinets in a brand new home, chances are your floors may be a little off.

Yes, floors in older homes are not always perfectly level. We used shims to get the base cabinets level.

Typically, your flooring goes in first and then you install cabinets but because we did things a little backwards, we had to improvise.

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

My dad laughed when he saw this picture below. He said, “there you are Jess, yapping at me while I am trying to concentrate.”

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

As you can see, the walls are also not exactly straight so we used shims as well to keep the new cabinets in place and level.

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

One tip that I learned was to use a cleat when installing top cabinets. This will ensure that the top cabinets are always level.

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

You can see the cleat below the cabinets. Once the kitchen cabinets were secured to the wall, we removed the cleat.

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

Looking more like a kitchen right?

Our kitchen renovation series {installing new cabinets}

UPDATE: You can see more of this space here:

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Mudroom Installation Wall in Kitchen

As you can see above, there are two different floors. This is where the two rooms were divided by the wall we took down.

In the picture, you can see old linoleum flooring (stone looking) that must have been over 80 years old. It was so nasty! Another major obstacle that we ran into besides the hood vent issue, was the flooring. The room that we ended up opening the kitchen into was an addition added onto the house almost 60 years ago prior to my parents buying the home in the 1980’s. Whoever did the addition, unfortunately, didn’t tie the flooring in together so it was level. Needless to say, this created a major issue for us. Stay tuned our kitchen renovation series continues with the installation of the new floor in a couple days.

Disclosure: Our DIY kitchen renovation series is sponsored by MasterBrand Cabinets. I did receive complimentary product however, all opinions and words are 100% my own. 

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