Our horse colic update at Tufts

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Thank you so much for all the of emails regarding our pony. My mom is so relieved that he came home this morning from Tufts Animal Hospital. We are extremely fortunate to live close to the largest premier large animal hospital in New England, Tufts Medical Center. Horse colic is a dangerous medical condition that requires emergency treatment nine times out of ten. We have had our fair share of visits and overnights over the years with our dogs and horses at Tufts. It’s part of being a pet owner I guess. Our friends always say, those animals are lucky to have you. 🙂

For those of you who are not familiar with Tufts, they are top notch and extremely hands on. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly staff of eight people including veterinarians and students. They are a teaching hospital so it’s always interesting to see how everything is done. Even though we arrived on an emergency basis, they were extremely calm and kept my mom at ease.

horse colic update at tufts

One thing I love about Tufts is you are allowed to stay with your horse during the entire examination and testing process. It’s not a drop off scenario and then wait for hours in a waiting room. Of course if he needed surgery, we would be waiting but you are able to stay with your animal the entire time during most of the procedures. The facility is state of the art and they do a fabulous job of making you feel welcome and at ease.

horse colic update at tufts

Our pony Cappy spent three days at Tufts and was treated for horse Colic, colitis. Which essentially is impaction of the large intestine (stomach). Unfortunately, horse colic is many times deadly but thankfully, he was treated immediately and he pulled through without needing surgery. He isn’t a great candidate for surgery anyway has he had “colic surgery” 5 years ago here at Tufts for the same issue. He has a bad belly! :(.

We left early this morning and headed to Tufts to bring him home. Thank you to my friend for helping me as my mom had to work.

horse colic update at tufts

When we arrived to pick him up he was feeling so much better! He couldn’t get on the trailer fast enough! ha.

horse colic update at tufts

He is a bit disheveled and in need of some grooming but I guess that’s how we all look when we come home from the hospital right? :).

horse colic update at tufts

Home sweet home. Our two other ponies were pretty excited to see him. Hopefully we don’t need to head to Tufts animal hospital again any time soon for horse colic or any medical emergency for that matter! But we are so fortunate to have them so close by. If your large or small animal needs medical attention, Tufts medical center for small and large animals is  hands down, the best facility to take care of your animal. Thank you so much to all of the attending staff that took care of our boy, we truly appreciate it.

2 images courtesy of Tufts Medical Center.


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  1. So happy to hear he is well! He’s so cute…almost smiling in that picture!

  2. Very glad that Cappy is all better. I love his flaxen mane. He is so handsome! My boy, Pecos, spent seven days at UGA’s large animal clinic several years ago for a sand colic. It is very stressful. Here’s wishing good health to all of our furbabies.

  3. Katie Dufour says:

    Glad that Cappy is doing better! We have spent many a night (and dollar!!) at Tufts for everything from colic to injuries to ailments, you name it! Between my horses and my students horses we know the facility well. Totally comes with the territory in the horse world. Crossing my fingers for you guys that Cappy stays colic free 🙂

  4. so happy to read he is feeling betyer and home! what a handsome boy he is!

  5. Always glad to hear when they come home from a colic scare. I lost a wonderful horse to colic in 2003. It devastated me. They are such big, strong, athletic animals but also so fragile. Cappy has a great family and I’m so glad for your happy ending.

  6. Sheila Moore says:

    So happy to hear that Cappy is home and doing well.

  7. So glad to hear your pony is doing so well… I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear that news!! He is one cute guy and very lucky to have you for a sibling. 😉

    And I could not agree with you more about Tuffs… 1 year ago they performed a little miracle by getting my pug to walk again. She literally had lost mobility in her rear legs, and when we took her home after her surgery with an amazing neuro dr she wasn’t just walking, she was running. They are hands down the BEST!!

  8. He looks pretty happy to be standing in that trailer! So glad he pulled through. We’ve had our share of Equine hospitals and the worrying stinks! Lots of happy trails to you all!

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