My mom and her ponies

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Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day. One of our ponies got sick and is now at the large animal hospital. Our ponies are like my mom’s children and she is so sad. We are hoping to have an idea of what is wrong with him this morning and what, if anything, can be done. I had a fun planter post planned to share today but didn’t have time yesterday to get the pictures edited so I thought I would give you a little history behind our “boys”.

My mom and I bought DJ and Cappy, our halflinger ponies, about nine years ago from an Amish family in Ohio. They were almost ten years old and were work ponies that were being retired. We had them shipped to us for a trial and the rest is history. Here he is this past winter playing in the snow. This guy would stay outside all the time if we let him!

my mom and her ponies

Both ponies share the same father and were born 1 week apart from each other. They have never been separated.

My grandfather was so funny when I was getting ready to trailer the pony to the vet yesterday. He grew up on a farm and when I was a kid, he still had a working farm and got me my first pony when I was eight years old. He came walking down to the barn as I was getting the pony ready to leave and it was like “old” times when I was a kid.  He was talking to me about life on the farm and how I use to love to help him feed the cows and chickens when I was kid. We went back in time for about 10 minutes! Here is a picture that I dug out this morning of Patches, the pony my grandfather got me when I was eight! Yes, that is me ridding him :).

my mom and her ponies

Hopefully we get good news today about our pony and he can come home soon. Unfortunately, he has a history of colic and his intestines are most likely what is causing the issue this time around. He spent 10 days at the vet about five years ago for colic and had major surgery. Fingers crossed he will be ok.

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  1. What a beautiful pony you have. Hope he is on the mend quickly. I also want to say that the way you’ve chosen to live is so inspiring & would be a dream come true for me. I’m sure you realize it, but you are blessed indeed.

  2. I’m thinking about your little pony and hoping he pulls through okay. x

  3. I hope the pony pulls through and you and your mom are comforted in the outcome whatever it may be.

    A funny side note (at least hope you see the humor too), I giggled when I first read the line, “Our ponies are like my mom’s children”, I thought, so either you have a pony for a brother or you are like a pony to her…it’s just word play I know, but I smiled a little, hope you did too!

    God bless!

  4. So sweet and precious. Glad he is home now. Hey pets are like one of the kids. 🙂

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