Wainscoting Bathroom Ideas

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Why would you consider wainscoting in a bathroom? Bathroom wainscoting is an incredibly easy and efficient way to transform the look and feel of a bathroom in just a day. With various DIY-friendly options available, such as board and batten, beadboard, picture frame wainscoting and shiplap, homeowners can achieve stunning results without extensive time or effort.

Bathroom Wainscoting 101

Installing wainscoting in the bathroom instantly adds character, texture, and a touch of elegance to the space. It is also a perfect solution for a “not so nice” wall. What do I mean by that?

If you live in an older house, walls may be damaged, uneven or just plain ugly.

Installing wainscoting can disguise or even cover blemishes or damaged walls.

Wainscoting helps to create a focal point and elevate the overall aesthetic. The installation process is straightforward, involving the attachment of panels or boards to the lower portion of the walls using nails, adhesive, or a combination of both.

Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas



Decor Pad

I love how this bathroom over at Apartment Therapy has 5 inch baseboard, bead board and a thick decorative trim to cap it off  as well as a decorative trim towards the ceiling. How cool is that with the two toned paint? This is probably the most economical solution. Customizing a piece of bead board with pine and trim is very simple and inexpensive.

Apartment Therapy


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    1. I’m loving the idea of wallpaper. Everytime I think of wallpaper, I think of my mom applying it when I was a kid to all of our walls. It’s so funny that wallpaper is back in!

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