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Our bathroom renovation update + bath wainscoting inspirations

A couple weeks ago I posted about my husband’s new bathroom (my childhood bathroom) and I thought it would be fun to share some fun wall treatments that I am thinking about to incorporate a modern cottage look in the room. I’m definitely thinking a wainscoting of some kind. Tiled wainscoting may be to much work but it’s a possibility. 

Tiled wainscotting


BHG cottage bath tile


My husband actually likes this next one. The fretwork wallpaper and marble slab is gorgeous! I love the idea of combining a modern wallpaper with a marble slab. The budget may not like this though :(.

Decor pad bathroom marble slab and fretwork wallpaper

Decor Pad

I love how this bathroom over at Apartment Therapy has 5 inch baseboard, bead board and a thick decorative trim to cap it off  as well as a decorative trim towards the ceiling. How cool is that with the two toned paint? This is probably the most economical solution. Customizing a piece of bead board with pine and trim is very simple and inexpensive.

beadboard for bathroom

Apartment Therapy

BHG cottage bathroom


So what is your pick? Do you have a favorite?

PS. I’m over at Home Depot’s Apron blog today sharing a tutorial on how to resurface an old cement patio. Come visit me if you have a chance :).

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  1. Ooooh, hard choice, but I think I like the two BHG ones the best!

    1. I’m loving the idea of wallpaper. Everytime I think of wallpaper, I think of my mom applying it when I was a kid to all of our walls. It’s so funny that wallpaper is back in!