Happy 63rd wedding anniversary to my gram and gramp!

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We celebrated my gram and gramps 63rd wedding anniversary today. Can you imagine being married to someone for 63 years!? Here they are 65 years ago,

Four generations living under one roof 63 wedding anniversary

My gramps was kind of a cute one wasn’t he? My gram so pretty :).  My gramp still thinks he’s a ladies man. He drives my gram nuts. He is pretty comical when we go out though, the things he will say to people in the grocery store. I just walk the other way and pretend I’m not with him.

Four generations living under one roof 63 years wedding anniversary

Everyone went out for dinner last night to celebrate and my gram actually made her big Sunday dinner tonight. I asked her if she could believe she has been married for 63 years and she just rolled her eyes. I can’t even imagine being 63 years old, never mind married that long!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I started the kitchen backsplash and it’s pretty messy around here. I’m heading  out in the morning to find the correct size wet saw blade to cut glass tile. Don’t ever use a ceramic tile blade on glass tile. I did (not know I had the wrong blade) and it was ugly. More on that later this week.

Happy Anniversary gram and gramp!


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  1. Congratulations to your grandparents!!!!

    PS. Hope you had on safety glasses. :o/

  2. Congratulations to your grandparents! My in-laws just celebrated 65! Astounding!!! My MIL calls him “Viejo” which translates to Old Man in spanish – but she’s called him that for 65 years!! So cute!!

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