New Renovation Project {Studio Space}

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If you have been following our family for awhile, you know that we love a good renovation project and usually jump at the chance to make something old into something new again. Last month I shared that my grandparents were moving out of the in-law/garage area and into the main part of the house due to my grandfather’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Well, right before Thanksgiving last year, I rented a studio space to work out of in the next town over from us and literally, never ended up going. We moved 1/2 my stuff there (a ton of home decor photography props, decorating decor ect.), then the Christmas season it and then my grandfather starting failing quickly which meant someone needed to be home during the day. So I never ended up using that studio space.

-A Positive Attitude Gives You Power Over Your Circumstances Instead of Your Circumstances Having Power Over You | New Renovation Project | Blog Studio Space

I spent about a week cleaning up the old studio space, painting and dropping off 4 truck loads of stuff. It’s kind of a bummer needing to move all that back but it is what it is right? In the long run, I think this space will be better. It’s just going to take a while getting it fixed up and everything moved back. I have paid rent on the other place until the end of April so I have about a month to get everything moved back.

New renovation Project {studio space}

Fast forward three months and here we are. I never had the passion or drive to get the old studio place setup mostly because I had NO time and when my grandfather was in the hospital for all of February and some of March, I literally drove to Boston every single day to see him. Time was limited. THEN, we ended up moving my grandparents out of this space which meant, that space was empty.

New renovation Project {studio space}

I talked it over with my parents and we decided that the space would be great for my blog studio and it would allow me to still be home (but out of the main part of the house) in case something went wrong with my gram during the day. You see, my grandfather now goes to camp everyday so he isn’t home most days. My gram though isn’t doing that great either. She is barely able to walk and has a slew of health issues a mile long. My dad always says “if we could put her mind in my grandfather’s body, we would have one good person.” -ha. My gram has her mind still where my grandfather doesn’t. His body is great and hers is horrible!

There are two bedrooms that I am going to paint and use as storage for all my photography props and home decor items.

New renovation Project {studio space}

These two bedrooms will be perfect for the metal shelving units (affiliate link) we purchased last year to keep home decor, crafting stuff and props organized.

New renovation Project {studio space}

So our new renovation project is underway and everything is getting repainted, hopefully some new flooring in the living room – sliding glass door area/hallway and a whole lot of TLC!

New renovation Project {studio space}

My grandmother had about 30 pictures, shelves and tons of things hanging on the walls so I took everything down and there were about 65 large holes left in the walls. Lots of patchwork happening! -ha

New renovation Project {studio space}

I would love to create a fresh new modern laundry area (similar to our first floor laundry room) along with an update in the bathroom. All of the light fixtures and ceiling fans also need to be updated.

New renovation Project {studio space}

UPDATE: See the full Office Makeover Here {Colorful Modern Farmhouse Decorating Ideas}

There is also a small kitchen space that I will share soon. It’s in need of desperate updating and unfortunately, the cell phone pictures I took came out blurry. This little space in the garage was actually my first “place” I ever lived in after college. The fact that I am now using it as studio space for my little blog business is kind of crazy. Life has a way of making many “full circle” moments as you get older.


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  1. I’m sure that you will never regret being at home and helping with your grandparents’ care. Thanks for the Joyce Meyer quote. It’s a good reminder of how God works all things together for good if we just look to Him even in difficult circumstances, we will be blessed in the long run. Praying for you and your family.

  2. Juanita in OH says:

    WOW, you are unbelievable, just reading about what you are doing made me tired, physically and mentally, lol. I wish I was able to do the things you are doing. I’m trying to stay uplifted as Joyce Meyer suggest but, some days it is the most difficult thing to do, yet I do bounce back because I know it is a dangerous place to go. I hope your grandparent’s LOVE their new location. TFS.

  3. I love reading about your family and seeing all of your amazing projects. I had to laugh when you wrote that you had to patch all the holes that your grandmother made in the walls hanging stuff. My mom has done the same thing. When I look at the walls I see tons of little (and not so little) holes all over the place.

    I think what you are doing is amazing and it reminds me so much of the time I got to spend with my grandparents. We didn’t live with them, but we were very close and I would have done anything for them.

    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by and yes, the holes were crazy!!!! She would cover every single spot on the wall if we let her 🙂 haha

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