Grandparents: My gram ran over my gramp + Home Goods giveaway winner

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My grandparents, oh what a pair they are! They bicker probably 99% of their waking hours and most of the time it is comical. A couple days ago I shared with you on our facebook page that my gram ran over my gramp’s toe with her walker a couple weeks ago and he swears she did it on purpose.

gram ran over my gramp

My mom took my grandfather for his recent podiatrist checkup and to everyone’s surprise, the toe was infected and pretty nasty.

gram ran over my grampMy mom said, “why didn’t you tell us earlier your toe looked like this?”. He said, “I didn’t know!” Now he gets to live with a toe wrap for a few weeks and he blames my gram. hehe

gram ran over my gramp

Hmmm. You never know what the day is going to bring with these two grandparents of mine. Did she do it on purpose? I don’t know, but it’s possible!   She has never had her license so my gram running over my gramp only happens with her walker :). On another note, we announced the Home Goods Giveaway winners! Click here and scroll down to the rafflecopter widget and see if it was you!


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  1. I’m on Gram’s side. Accidents happen, you know. And sometimes toes get in the way. I’ve been married for 35+ yrs now and Hubby claims I’m trying to hurt him all the time – whatever!

    I will say, however, I know what your Gramps must be going through. Some yrs ago I was hanging a heavy clock over our back door (why I thought it should go there is now beyond me). I had removed my shoes to get on a chair to do this, of course. As I stepped off the chair, the clock slipped off the nail, down the wall (just past my head) and landed on my right big toe. I screamed bloody murder, as you can imagine. Hubby and son came running, I was crying, toe was bleeding. They took me to the ER and, yes, my toe not only was broken – it was literally crushed by that stupid clock! It had 5 breaks to the small bone above the first joint behind my nail! Needless to say the clock was banished from the house forever….

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