Multigenerational updates {renewing wedding vows}

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Some multigenerational updates going on around here. I haven’t shared this tid bit of information yet here on the blog, although I did last week on our facebook page. I was going to wait until after the big day when I had pictures to share but I changed my mind. My grandparents are renewing their wedding vows this summer here at our home.

multigenerational updates renewing wedding vowsSixty four years ago, this was my grandmother and grandfather. Living in Vermont with their entire lives ahead of them. Neither one of them had any money and shortly after they got married, they left Vermont and moved to Massachusetts not knowing a soul. My grandfather got a tip from a friend that someone in Massachusetts was looking for farm help so he decided to take a risk, and continue with what he knew, farming. He managed a working milk farm while working a 50+ hour a week job driving big dump trucks for a gravel company. My grandmother stayed home and took care of my dad and aunts as well as maintained the home. Sometimes I listen to my grandfather’s stories about what he did to put food on the table and provide a roof over his families head, it’s just amazing and quiet astonishing from how I grew up. Still to this day, the man goes to work everyday at 5am. Sometimes even earlier because he has no idea what time it is! ha.

Sixty four years later, three kids, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren they are still together. Simply amazing. If you lived here under our roof, you would know what I mean! ha. Just kidding, kind of :).

multigenerational updates renewing wedding vows

There are more multigenerational updates going on which I will share soon. For now, we are planning a DIY wedding vow renewal ceremony which will be here at our home in August. The vow renewal idea was my grandfather’s which surprised me at first. He can be very sensitive and emotional at times. Hopefully they don’t get in a nasty spat between now and then and call it off! I know my family members reading this are giggling right now :).

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  1. jessie smith says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos!

  2. glad you have been able to have them with you this long. super cute that he was the one to initiate it. will be great to see the pix. I grew up with three generations under one roof and other multi generations living in VERY close proximity so I have a little insight to your sense of humor.

  3. What a beautiful legacy for your family:-). Thanks for sharing

  4. I loved the then and now pictures. Family history like that gives us a sense of who we are and makes me feel I have an important role and purpose, that their hardwork, persistence and love paid off. Looking forward to hearing about their big day.

    1. Thank you Dina! I think I sent you the wrong reply earlier! ha. Sorry about that 🙂 Hopefully their big day goes smoothly!

  5. lol love your comment at the end about them calling it off! haha

    So sweet Jessica, I bet it will be beautiful. We have thought about having a vow renewal for our 30th (in 3 years!) especially because we had a very small wedding with no reception.

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