My first live radio show interview

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A couple weeks ago, I received an email from a producer of an Indiana based radio station, WBCL,  asking if I would be willing to join their mid-morning show for a live radio show interview. “You want me to do what?”, was my response.

“Once a month, we do a show called “Spots and Spotlights” where we feature people, websites, businesses, places, and things we think our listeners would be interested in. Our show host, Lynne Ford, saw the article about you in Woman’s Day and she wondered if you’d be willing to join us for a 10 minute live interview to talk about your room makeover!”

live radio show interview

Well of course I will join you! If you follow me on instagram & facebook,  I posted this picture as I was waiting on hold for the interview to start.

The producer sent me a list of questions to I could prepare and like a good little student, I made notes and made sure I was prepared and you know what, I didn’t even look at them. I hid in my mom and dad’s bedroom and posted a sign on the door, do not disturb.  I had visions of my gramps yelling about something and the dogs barking up a storm in the middle of the live radio show. I was so paranoud I would miss their call, I had all the phones in the house piled on the bed.

live radio show interview

Here is a copy of the interview if you want a good chuckle. We talk about our life living together as a multigenerational family and our recent bathroom renovation project.

Live radio show interview {click the link to listen}

I cringed when I listened to myself and I definitely sound like a dork. Have you ever listened to yourself on tape and said, “that doesn’t sound like me?”  This was my first live radio show interview and it was so much fun and pretty exciting. Now my gramps wants to know when he can do a live radio show. I told him maybe someday. 🙂

Meet Jessica

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  1. Wow, you’re getting so famous. Great interview! Jessica, I’m so proud of you! x

  2. Way to go roomie! That’s awesome Jess! Congrats. I totally hate the way I sound in videos. I sound so nasally and stuffed up-eeeeuuwww


  3. Jessica, What a great interview–you did a fabulous job! You sounded so relaxed and it was so conversational. Your gramps is too funny! I’m surprised he hasn’t started his own blog yet!

    1. Thank you Nancy! My gramps still doesn’t even understand what a blog is. He cracks me up 🙂

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