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My Favorite Things {House+Outfits+Behind Scenes HomeGoods}

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Thank you for all the comments and emails about our favorite things for the week post that I shared last Thursday. It’s safe to say, you all like a messy house and real life stuff ;). This past week has been kind of a blur but I did manage to snap some pictures of life wizzing by. I started working for HomeGoods a couple weeks ago on another design shoot (they hire me to work at their headquarters and design spaces) and this coming week we shoot the final rooms.

I am designing a gorgeous coastal living room and here I am below after I finally found a tropical palm plant to go in the room. Do you know how hard it is to find one of these guys the end of October in New England?

I was pretty happy at the loading dock when I arrived at the TJX headquarters so I asked to have a picture snapped. -ha.

The cute little security guard reminds me of my grandfather and I am pretty sure he thinks I am crazy ;).

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

Jeans (25% off right now!) / Boots

Here is Andrew (he works on the shoots too) and I headed to the warehouse to snoop around for decor. You should see the warehouse at the HomeGoods headquarters, umm, it’s amazing.

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

Sneakers / Shirt / Jeans (similar)

So my favorite thing this week is this girl! She is the daughter of one of my friends and we hired her to work a few hours a week after school helping with laundry, blog stuff and whatever else needs to be done.

Can I just tell you, I love her! I hope she sticks around :).

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

My dad and son watching James Bond on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

I shared this cute sweater and jeans outfit on our instagram page last week. Isn’t it funny how the rug color looks so different during different times of the day?

This is my first pair of over the knee boots and I love them!

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

Boots / Jeans (under $29)/ Similar Sweater 

Sweet 16 birthday dinner for these two. My stepdaughters were just toddlers when I met them and it’s hard to believe they can drive now. It seems like just yesterday, they were just little girls playing with dolls.

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

And the best for last. My husband napping on the couch. Here is the mess you all like to see ;). Yes, he eats peanut butter with a fork right out of the container.

He is going to kill me when he sees this post.-ha

my-favorite-things-Life + Work + House

That’s a wrap of my favorite things this week. Hope you have a great week and if you are watching football today, I hope you are eating something yummy! We are making a huge pot of homemade clam chowder today and carving a pumpkin or two. This post contains affiliate links for your shopping pleasure so that means if you buy something, we may make a few pennies. Thank you in advance ;).

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  1. Juanita in OH says:

    I LOVE your photos and real life! I truly wish I could spend a day with you, however; I am unable to travel due to health issues. The carpet looks good in any light to me because the design is very dynamic. We LOVE James, James Bond too, lol. Your step daughter’s are BEAUTIFUL young ladies!!! Wear those boots, Jessica. I have wanted a pair for the last 40 years or so, now I am too fat for them. I would not let my age stop me at all. Have a wonderful week end and enjoy the chowder. TFS.

    1. Hi Juanita! Get a pair of the boots if you love them 🙂 I bet they would look great! James Bond! How funny!!!

  2. Barb Hudson says:

    Love to catch up with you, your projects as well your husband and family. If you think your step-daughters are growing up…my oldest daughter will be 50 this time next year!!! How did that happen? And her oldest, my first grandson turned 25 in June! Time flies when we are having fun. I love your FB page and often (read always) go to the Blog to see what other things you are doing. You inspire me to move my “stuff” around and after 51 years and counting of marriage to Mr. Cute Guy, I have stuff and I am downsizing constantly. I give a lot to charity and to a local Women’s Transition Shelter. Cheers and hugs to you and all who dwell at Four Generations Under One Roof from my island home on the south west coast of Canada where Cute Guy and I are finally getting rid of a 30 years old huge energy sucking freezer and the new and very much improved new, small, energy saving freezer comes on Thursday. We also get our “Bonus Room” back and can now have guests stay there rather than all over the townhouse.

    1. Hi Barb! So glad you enjoy hearing about all our stuff going on and yes, keep moving your furniture around! ha. That is one thing I have done my whole life is move furniture. You are right, time sure goes by quickly. Sometimes too quickly 😉

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