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This week we have lots going on here in our multigenerational home. Both my grandparents have doctor appointments which hopefully my gram gets here knees taken care of. She is getting injections this week so hopefully it helps her become a bit more mobile. She uses a walker now but sometimes the pain is so bad that she can’t even move using the walker. My grandfather is still able to take her to her doctor appointments as they are close to our home so that is good. I take my grandfather to most of his appointments as his doctors are in the city and he gets lost and confused driving there. This week I am taking him to get his eyes checked again.

My son has his first field day this week and I cannot even believe how fast time goes by and how big he is getting. School is wrapping up and kindergarten will be completed. This past weekend he had a soccer game and it is amazing to see how much he has progressed in just a short couple months. It seems like just yesterday I was pushing him in a stroller.

multigenerational home updates

I thought back to when I was a kid and tried to remember what it felt like to not have a “care” in the world. Do you know what I mean? To be a kid again and not have any responsibilities or worries. Sometimes time strikes me and it stands still for a minute and it forces me to reflect on how fast life goes by. As I live here with my mom and dad, I am now how I remember my mom when I was her age. She was constantly carting my brother and I around to sports and friends homes and now, I am her! I don’t know if it seems more surreal to me because I live here in the same house as I did as a kid and live with my parents but it’s just mind blowing sometimes. The other day my grandfather was giving my son lollipops, as he did with me when I was my sons age, that he got from the bank. I think living in a multigenerational home sparks these memories and flashbacks more often for me.

multigenerational home updates

My husband and I had date night this past weekend and we were talking about random things and he said, “don’t we have an anniversary coming up?”. I said, “ummm yes honey, eight years!”. We both looked at each other and said, “amazing!” ha. We were talking about how it seems like just yesterday our son was born and we just moved in to my parents home and started this multigenerational living journey. That multigenerational journey started five years ago this coming July. Where does time go?

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  1. It is amazing how fast time does go. I swear as a kid, time seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace but now, yikes! I want to stop time! Hang in there this week!

  2. I agree! I keep looking at my son who just turned six, and wondering what happened to my baby. Now my daughter is three but acts like a 10 year old. I keep having those “Oh my gosh, I am my mom” moments too! 🙂

  3. I completely appreciate your thoughts on how fast time flies. I cannot seem to stop thinking how quickly it is passing in our home. We too are a multigenerational household, and I along with being baffled that I am the same age that I remember my mother being I also have a hard time coming to terms with the notion that I am nearly 40 and I am the BABY of my family. How can I be nearly 40? It’s like being part of a race that I did not want to run, I have always preferred strolling.

  4. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    You all are so right! My hubby and I just celebrated our 35th anniversary, but it was several years ago that I realized I’d been married more yrs than I hadn’t been married (’cause I got married at 19). That really blew my mind. But it’s funny how I don’t realize the years until I see our kids – and they have to come over to our house from their own homes because they’re already grown. That’s when I want to turn back the clock, the calendar, kick old Father Time in the you-know-where – because I miss my children being little, being around me.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, being an empty nester has it’s perks. We can come and go as we please now, and we’re still young enough to enjoy it. That was my master plan in the beginning when we had the kids at a young age. But I still miss them…

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