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Functional Outdoor Kitchen

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Having a functional outdoor kitchen has always been a dream of mine. We have a grill of course but I would love to extend our existing patio area and build the grill in to a functioning counter and cook top area. While my bright ideas for an outdoor kitchen may be a bit far fetched at the moment, I have been dreaming up ideas of things I can do now and work with what I have to create a functional outdoor kitchen. Better Homes and Gardens is one of my go-to resources when I am looking for inspiration.

functional outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen below has everything I would want. I think I could probably create an outdoor seating area (separate from our covered porch) but near the grilling area. Perhaps a small table, chairs and accompanying bench area for grilling accessories.

functional outdoor kitchen ideas

I love this idea below of a cart on wheels to store and house dish ware.

outdoor kitchen island cart

A tucked away cozy kitchen area under a set of stairs is a great idea. We have a set of stairs that leads to our patio, however, the spiders live there now. I suppose we could evict them :).

outdoor kitchen under stairs

Built in barn doors to keep the weather elements out of the kitchen area when not in use. Functional and stylish.

outdoor kitchen with barn doors

I have never done any mason work. My my husband’s father, who passed away before I met my husband, was a mason by trade. My husband always says, “if my dad were here, he would have already built you a brick  or stone outdoor grilling station.” I think if I had some help, I could probably do something like this.

outdoor stone kitchen

This is probably my favorite outdoor kitchen storage solution. A table with built in storage underneath. Perfect for trash and storing paper plates and accessories.

outdoor storage


bench outdoor storage

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Does anyone have a functional outdoor kitchen area that they have created on there own? I would love to hear your ideas. We are due to get rain for the next 3 days so I’m headed outside to finish planting our porch flowers and hopefully taking some pictures to share with you of our finished foyer. Have a great day!

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  1. No outdoor kitchen, but we added a bar ledge to the railing and a drop down shelf for food prep next to the grill to our newly re-built deck. What a huge difference just those two things have made!

    1. That is a great idea Kathy. I actually think we may have a spot for something like that!