Multigenerational Family {my grandfather shops Target}

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Today is back to reality. We spent the fourth of July  and part of last week in Cape Cod and then back at home enjoying the pool. I will be sharing our trip to Cape Cod on Monday. I want to go back! Last week my son and I took my grandfather shopping in Target to pick out new rugs for my grandmother. A multigenerational trip to target which for me, was like having two young children with me. One being 84 and the other being 6!

multigenerational family

Notice my grandfather’s attire. He wears his one hundred year old paint clothing with holes and cut off arms everywhere he goes. He chased my son around Target with the cart trying to “bump him off” as he called it. Taking my grandfather to a store requires extra time. Not because he is slow but because he LOVES to talk to everyone and anyone who will listen. He kind of cracks me up. My son said, “big gramp, don’t you know you are not suppose to talk to strangers.” My grandfather told him when he is 84 years old he can talk to strangers. That confused my son. ha

Unfortunately, my grandmother didn’t like the rugs and we had to return them. I returned them alone. Multigenerational living certainly has it’s educational perks for my son. Normally a quick trip to Target would be, well boring for my son. Not with “big gramp” in tow though! 🙂 I’ll be back Monday sharing our trip to Cape Cod and the gorgeous resort we stayed at, Ocean Edge.

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  1. Too funny! Your grandfather sounds a lot like my father, who often goes out in paint-spattered, torn-from-assorted-carpentry-type-projects outfits and then proceeds to take an extra hour everywhere he goes because he has to have a long, drawn-out conversation with at least one person while there. Drives me crazy, but gotta love him anyway!

  2. This totally cracked me up! Too funny! Your son will treasure these memories for a lifetime!

  3. Trips like those will be memories for your son for years to come.

  4. What a riot!! Love the name “Big Gramp”….!!!

    1. That’s the only way we can distinguish between the two gramps 🙂 My dad is gramps and my grandfather is “big gramp”. ha

  5. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    That’s hilarious! You have to explain to your son that by the time you have lived through 84 yrs, you know who the bad strangers are and who the good strangers are – and you only talk to the good ones!

    My husband told me a story about a man in a neighborhood who was a WWII veteran. As the neighborhood grew more violent with shootings, the man would come outside everytime he heard the shots to look around. Someone asked him wasn’t he afraid of being shot? He said, “Hell, no! I know what it sounds like when their shooting at me. I’m coming out to see if someone needs my help.” That’s what it means to have lived and know the difference.

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