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Mudroom inspiration {for our room off the kitchen}

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Last week I showed you our kitchen and the “transitional room” between the kitchen and family room. I realized that in order to incorporate the transitional room with the kitchen, not only would the wall need to be taken down, but the tile (which is in the kitchen) would need to be extended into the “transitional” room to create a cohesive flow. Tiling is something I have never done.  I suppose I could but the floor underneath needs to be leveled and it’s a bit of a large job for a first time tiler like myself! Hiring someone is not in the question so for now, I’m going with plan B, keep it as part of the family room. I’ve decided to remove our barn doors (I have plans for them in another part of the house) and move my gram’s china to the dining room. I think this wall would be perfect for locker style cabinets for coats and shoes.

This is the wall now,

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I have been on a search to find similar looking built-in’s and love these.

Coastal Living 

What I love about this one, is the area under the bench. We have baseboard heating so the area near the floor needs to remain open. Something along these lines would be perfect for shoes.

Cottages & Gardens

In my picture, the existing built-in is similar to this picture. I am thinking that something like this would also look great! I would love for everyone to have their own “locker”.


I will say though, the openness may drive me crazy because I can guarantee the hooks would be piled high with “not so pretty” items and an over-flow of “stuff” would be stacked on the bench. Who’s  house looks like this in the real world? NOT mine! So barn doors for each locker may be necessary! 🙂

What do you think about converting this space? I think it will work.

Happy Weekend!




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  1. LOVE that last one. My hubby’s getting ready to start on our Mudroom storage unit and I’ve looked at a million different ones but that one is one of my favorites. Love it!

  2. Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication says:

    Love those barn doors! It’s going to look great when you’re done!!

  3. I know that nobody can keep those open closets as neat and well kept as those pictures…but beautiful spaces nonetheless. Great roundup…I loved all three of them.

  4. i recently moved into a home where you enter into the kitchen. this has created havoc!! i would enjoy seeing the finish pictures of your project. i love the pictures!
    I’m not sure we have room or how it would look as part of the kitchen.