Mr. Murphy is fitting right in

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Mr. Murphy is fitting right in with our family. This little bullmastiff puppy is the cutest most loveable little guy.  It took him a couple days to adjust but he is in a routine now and thriving. In fact, he is gaining like 4 lbs a week. He’s going to be a big boy.

Murphy 9 weeks bull mastiff-12

Our boxer is so tolerant of him…..knock on wood -ha.

bullmastiff puppy / Mr. Murphy is fitting right in

He is going on his 10th week and has kind of turned into a wild child.

Murphy 9 weeks bull mastiff-13

I took this picture seconds before he dropped and fell asleep. I swear he falls asleep sometimes while he is sitting down.

Murphy 9 weeks bull mastiff-14

He is like a little baby, he wakes up and then sleeps an hour later.

Murphy 9 weeks bull mastiff-12-3

My grandfather goes to his crate every morning and has a talk with him. Tells him to have a good day and try to poop outside. -ha.

Murphy 9 weeks bull mastiff-19

The little man is growing like a weed and has discovered that his teeth like to chew on anything and everything. He is fascinated with the grass outside and if it’s wet, he tries to suck the water off it. He loves my dad’s lap but not sure how much longer he will be able to take evening naps in his chair with him. -ha. This little man isn’t going to be little for long. I said to my dad, “what are you going to do when he is over 100 lbs and and insists on climbing up in your lap?” My dad said, “the same thing I did with Garth, just let him lay across me.” -ha. He’s a keeper!

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  1. So fun! Nothing like a new puppy! Looks like your other dog has a companion now!! He’s adorable!

  2. Debbie Esparza says:

    He is adorable! Your other dog is pretty darned cute too!

  3. bennrobin says:

    He is sooooooooooo cute!


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