Mother’s Day weekend

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Mother’s Day weekend is when we, “my mom and I”, look forward to heading to our local nursery and loading up the truck with colorful blooming annuals to fill our window boxes and planters.

sisal diy planter

It’s the perfect weekend to kick start the warmer season. Most of our plants and flowers surround our covered porch and pool area but this year, we plan on adding some to our flower beds.

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I know mother’s day is suppose to be a day of rest and relaxation, call me crazy, I work! ha. Although, I don’t consider planting and getting our outdoor spaces ready for summer work. I love it and it really is relaxing for me.  My grandmother has left the flower choices up to me the last couple years for her deck as it’s difficult for her to get around. She is the queen of flowers in my mind, that is one of the memories in my mind from growing up as a kid, watching her maintain her extensive flower beds. She was ALWAYS outdoors doing yard work when I was a kid. Colorful rows of phlox lined her stonewalls and they were just beautiful.

covered porch and pool-16

The pollen will be invading in a week or so to the point where everything will be green so we will be holding off a couple weeks on setting up our outdoor pool area. Last year we invested in a few new lounge chairs and we are hoping to add a few more this year. A little at a time won’t break the bank as my mom says :).

covered porch and pool-12

I hope all the mom’s out there enjoy their weekend and special day. We are heading to brunch tomorrow to celebrate Mother’s Day and then off to the nursery to fill up the truck with flowers. I can’t wait and the best of all, it is suppose to be sunny and 80 degrees. Yay!

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  1. Can’t wait to see all the flowers you get 🙂 Thank GOODNESS it’s finally going to be nice on a weekend.

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