Happy Birthday Gram + Mother’s Day pictures

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Happy birthday to my gram! She turned 82 on Mother’s Day this year so of course, we enjoyed a cake that my aunt made her and a weekend full of celebratory dinners, brunch and our traditional trip to our local nursery to pickup hanging flowers.

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother-2

She can’t believe she is 82 either!

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-1

My son and husband took me out for dinner to celebrate Mother’s day so needless to say, this weekend was mostly about food :).

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-3

We have a golf course near our house that has a wonderful brunch buffet for Mother’s Day. It was a beautiful day so thank you “mother nature” for blessing us with sunshine and warmth!

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-4

My little man not impressed with the pictures or the sun in his eyes. ha

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-5
My grandmother told me I better not post this picture of her on the blog, but it’s the only one I have of her and my dad yesterday so we won’t tell her it’s being shared :).

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-6

My dad actually took most of these pictures with my phone so they are a little dark. My dad still has a flip phone from 15 years ago so watching him use my iphone camera was kind of funny. My mom finally upgraded to an iphone a month ago so now, we just need to get my dad on board with technology.

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-7

Me and my mamma!

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-8

What Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the local nursery.

Happy Birthday Gram + Mother's Day 2014-9

It’s tradition in our family to decorate our patio and covered porch with colorful hanging plants on Mother’s Day. It started a few years ago when I bought my mom a hanging plant on Mother’s Day and then it some how grew to a truck load a few years later. ha. My son is old enough now where he remembers more about what we do on holidays and special occasions and he said to me yesterday after brunch, “can I stay with gramps? I don’t want to go buy flowers.” My husband said, “smart boy!”

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