Meet My Husband {Mr Buick GMC} + Something you may not know about Me

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If you have been following us for a while, you know my husband works a gabillion hours in the automobile industry and occasionally I share what he is up to here on the blog. Although, most times when he is on the blog, it’s me poking fun at him on his day off while he is sleeping on the couch or eating peanut butter out of the jar with a fork. -ha. Yep, that’s a little secret between you and me. Shhh. Don’t tell him I told you! Anyway, I wanted to share something fun with you today. A glimpse of him (not on the couch sleeping) and what he does during the day, you know, to bring home the bacon. He’s a pretty handsome dude who happens to love cars. All things cars. Muscle cars, luxury cars, antique cars and even match box cars. I took a quick ride a couple days ago to his “home away from home” in Johnston Rhode Island and while I was there, I asked him if we could do some fun Instagram Stories and he hesitantly said yes. 

The handsome guy next to me above, is Tony (just in case you didn’t know 😉 ) This was the photoshoot from the Boston Globe article a few years back. It’s hard to believe this was taken 3 years ago!

One thing you may not know about me is that when I graduated College, I started working in the automobile industry. It was totally by accident and nothing I went to school for. I didn’t work for a car dealership but the Manufacturer. I started my career with Toyota and Lexus and worked all over the country. I started in Massachusetts, then moved to California to work at the Toyota and Lexus Headquarters, was then transferred to the Lexus Office in New Jersey and then finally ended up back at the Massachusetts Boston Region for Toyota. In 2005, I gave up my career to become a mom and you know the rest. I started a blog (by accident) in 2011 (when my son started kindergarten) to keep family updated on life living with four generations of family. By accident,  a new career was born, Four Generations One Roof. So in the middle of all that, I met my husband who worked at a Toyota dealership. He now works for Hurd Buick GMC in Johnston RI, a franchise of the Balise Automotive Group. 

Isn’t this car a stunner?

Ok back to the Instagram Story. Here is a clip of us a couple days ago that I shared on our Instagram page featuring “what I think is an amazing deal.”


Watch the Instagram Story below.

This gorgeous red Buick Envision caught my eye and I had to share this 30% off deal with all of you.
If you are local or in the New England area and in the market for a small SUV Luxury vehicle, then you need to visit my husband. All their 2017 Buick Envisions are 30% off. Yes, you heard that right. 30% off! Now don’t get me wrong, I questioned him and said, “seriously, 30% off?” Do you want to know why? It’s not because there is anything wrong with them (they are amazing and this version is the competitor to the Lexus RX350) but honestly, they have too many. They need to go. Like, need to find a new parking spot in another driveway. -ha. You see, being a past Factory person, I know how this happens. The Manufacturer builds too many and then the dealerships are responsible for selling them. It ends up being the Manufacturers loss and YOUR gain. 

The Buick Envision as you can see below has stunning interior features. My favorites are the interior sporty stitching, the panoramic sunroof (it opens most of the roof!), the backseats lay flat providing a significant amount of storage, heated backseats, stunning wood grain interior features and some kind of a really fancy engine. I am not an expert on it but my husband is!

If you are in the market for a new luxury SUV and like to save money, then go see my husband, Tony at Hurd Buick GMC in Johnston RI. The 30% off is for the remainder of this month on all 2017 Envision models. The Envision has 3 versions, this red one happens to be the Essence version. 

Tony and the gang. 

When you show up, Christine will greet you! Tell her I said hi ;). 

These guys below were the best! Bob was in some of my Instagram Stories so make sure you watch his debut. He learned all about Instagram! -ha. 

UPDATE: Don’t miss the post “my parents camp that was crushed by a tree.”

So what do you think? The husband and his crew are pretty cool right? His crew is amazing at the dealership and while they probably think I am out of my mind (they were looking at me like I was nuts doing Instagram and Facebook Stories) they would love to meet you! Be sure to tell them Jessica from Four Generations One Roof sent you and be sure to ask for Tony, my husband. I am off to buy shelving from Home Depot and get the basement organized. Did you see the post yesterday where I shared 5 Reasons Why Mediterranean Architecture is growing on me? 

Meet Jessica

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  1. That’s so neat to see your husband and where he works! I’m sure he appreciates all the nice things you said about him. I think a lot of women don’t appreciate their husbands and the hard work they do outside of the house, so it’s nice to see a positive post about your husband. That is a very nice looking car!

  2. Audrey Johnson says:

    It is great that you can go visit your hubby at work. It seems like he has a great place to work. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us.

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