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How to make a shelf {Christmas vignette}

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I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We enjoyed the festivities at a local restaurant with our crew and extended family. Now on to Christmas, my favorite holiday of the year! In preparation for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to make a few easy shelves in our home creating space for Christmas vignettes. My mom is adding a shelf in her room that we are making over (will be sharing in early 2014) and I decided to add another shelf in our family room. I swear I move around our sectional a couple times of year and this is the first time in it’s new position and something was off in the room so I decided to make a shelf behind the couch, similar to what I did last year. Today’s post is sponsored by 3MDIY.com and let me tell you, you can do this simple easy project in just a couple hours.

For this project you will need:

3M Advanced Abrasives

3M Patch Plus Primer 

Paint of your choice

Wood for shelf (I used a piece of 1 x 9 x 30 piece of pine)

Shelf brackets (I used unfinished wooden brackets painted white)

how to make a shelf christmas vignette

This is one of the easiest projects that you can do to add architectural interest to a room that won’t break the bank.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-1

I had a left over piece of pine from a previous project that I cut to size but you can purchase a piece of pine at any local home improvement store and most stores will cut it to size for you.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-3

I used the 3M Patch Plus Primer  to fill in the holes near the knots as well as smooth out some rough edges. Once the filler was dry, I sanded the entire piece with 3M Advanced Abrasives, a medium grit 3M sandpaper. You can use their sanding block or the individuals sheets.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-4

I painted 2 coats of white paint on the shelf in a semi-gloss finish.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-5

This project took just a couple hours and as you can see, I created a shelf to display Christmas items. A quick holiday update with minimal mess and time.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-6

Not bad for a random piece of wood, a little DIY know-how and a couple hours of my time.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-7.jpg

I will add a shelf to just about any wall. Like I said earlier, this is the easiest most economical way to add interest to a wall and give you the opportunity to create a beautifully decorated mantel.

how to make a shelf christmas mantel-8

An otherwise, boring wall is now complete with a casual rustic Christmas vignette that coordinates with the rest of the room. I will be sharing our Christmas family room soon after Thanksgiving :). Learning how to make a shelf is not difficult and you can do it!

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  1. Lovely little shelf. I, too, like to put cute shelves up around the place – they are like a mini-mantle and look great with seasonal decorations or just bits and pieces that us creative women like to make ๐Ÿ™‚