Our laundry room makeover update {washer + dryer}

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The laundry room has been completely gutted, shelving removed and painted. My dad helped me cut some pine for shelves this weekend and after a few hours of torture, I got the shelves installed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the shelving prior to the new washer and dryer arriving because we were not sure that they would fit side-by-side. Thankfully, the washer and dryer fit and we were able to create a folding station on top of them.

laundry room update paint appliance and shelving

Here was the laundry room last a couple weeks ago:


Now everything is removed.

laundry room makeover update

laundry room makeover update

The walls have been patched and painted a fresh white color.

laundry room makeover update painted walls-5-2

I may paint the walls a light green color but I am not sure yet.

laundry room makeover update

The new washer and dryer barely fit side-by-side. I have a confession to make, they didn’t fit originally. I tore off the door jam to get them inside and my dad almost killed me :(. If you follow us on instagram, you saw this post a couple weeks ago.

laundry room makeover update

No worries though. He is over it :). They are in there new home.

laundry room makeover update

Yesterday I spent the day cutting cleats and pine boards with my dad and adding floating shelving above the washer and dryer.

laundry room makeover update

I will share the floating shelves tutorial soon.

laundry room makeover update

The folding station and floating shelves are installed and ready to be primed. I used my laundry room inspirational pictures as my guide for building the shelving. I am a visual person, as is my dad, so I always have my inspirational pictures available while working. I will be hopefully be finishing up this project in the next week or so and sharing the reveal with you. It’s amazing what an organized space will do for your motivation level when it comes to doing laundry. Even my dad is impressed with how much the space has changed. Stay tuned, our laundry room makeover reveal is coming soon.

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  1. You are so skilled! I’m so impressed with your power tool abilities!

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