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Is your Kitchen Ready for Christmas?

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Is your kitchen ready for Christmas?  If you have been following our blog for a while, you know that we do a huge Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner on Christmas Eve with our extended family and yours truly, does all the cooking of the fish. My mom prepares the traditional foods like, turkey, ham, potatoes and a few different crockpot dishes for those who don’t like fish. Our kitchen is the hub of our home and today we are cleaning, organizing the refrigerator to make room for the food and cleaning the oven. As part of our Sears Parts Direct partnership, today’s post is about making sure your appliances are in tip top shape and ready for the Holidays. 

Christmas Kitchen 2016 | Featuring hanging wreaths on the barn doors, hanging wreaths on the stools and windows along with a mini boxwood Christmas tree as a centerpiece on the island | Four Generations One Roof

The first thing we always do (which we are doing today by the way) is clean out and organize the refrigerator.  Did you know that there are certain places in the refrigerator that keep items cooled at the correct temperature? Check out this great article on the Sears Parts Direct website that shares tips and tricks on where to keep certain items in the refrigerator. 

how to clean your refrigerator

Christmas Kitchen 2016 | Featuring hanging wreaths on the barn doors, hanging wreaths on the stools and windows along with a mini boxwood Christmas tree as a centerpiece on the island | Four Generations One Roof

The deal in our his is, my mom and I cook and my dad and husband do the dishes. Thank goodness for our dishwasher! Don’t laugh but you would think loading your dishwasher would be common sense right? Umm no. I giggled when I saw this article, “how to load a dishwasher” and was like, “of course I know how to load a dishwasher!” Well I learned a couple tips that I never had thought about. Check it out here, you might learn something too!

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas

Some of these pictures are from our Christmas kitchen last year and in addition to looking pretty and festive, making sure your appliances are in good working order is just as important.

Red + White Christmas Shop the Look

Sears Parts Direct has everything you need to maintain your appliances with these great DIY tutorials. You can see how to maintain your range, wall oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. For me, our dishwasher is the most important! -ha. I am not a fan on hand washing dishes. I remember growing up as a kid watching my grandmother hand wash every single dish. She never had a dishwasher and would take her an hour to clean up the kitchen after dinner. She never complained but man, it was a lot of work. 

Did you see our article last week about how and why our snowblower is as important as our coffee maker? I feel the same way about the dishwasher. If you didn’t see the snowblower post, check it out. There are some pretty amazing pictures of my dad and husband snow blowing 4′ of snow from a previous winter storm. 

Thank Goodness for the Snowblower: New England Winers how to maintain your snowblower

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in just a few short days. Between today and Christmas Eve, my mom and I will be preparing all the food and getting things done early so make life a little easier on Christmas Eve morning. Christmas Eve morning starts around 7 am with the stove up and running and lots of prep work.

Our Christmas Kitchen 2015: boxwood wreaths, red velvet ribbon, boxwood Christmas tree, red striped hand towel, greens and holly berry.

Don’t wait until then to make sure your kitchen appliances are in working order. Be sure to check out the Sears Parts Direct website for video tutorials on all things repair and maintenance as it relates to your kitchen appliances. You may also like our previous post on why you should change and maintain your Air Filters on a regular basis. If you are about to embark on the holiday madness at your local supermarket and essentially live in your kitchen for the next few days, good luck! We will be doing the same. Happy Holiday friends and thank you to Sears Parts Direct for sponsoring this post. All opinions and words are 100% my own. I am definitely a fan of keeping our kitchen appliances in tip top shape! 

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  1. Thanks so much for the link—the last thing anyone wants during the holidays is an appliance malfunction!!! P.S. Your kitchen looks beautiful!!

  2. It looks so stunning!! Love all the red pops of color!

  3. Great article Jessica. My kitchen is similar to yours, except for one thing (which I would change if I could). All white cabinets, white backsplash, pops of red (like my K.A. mixer) but, I made the mistake of getting BLACK granite countertops. Every little speck shows. I do love my new kitchen, but wish I had been told about the black tops. Anyway, enjoyed your article – will clean my fridge tomorrow in preparation for a day of cooking on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Juanita in OH says:

    Your kitchen is a haven. I LOVE everything about it and I am intrigued by the red and white strip towels/placements. I had forgotten about the Seven Fishes Feast and I am glad you mentioned it because it is a part 0f something new I learned from you and your family last year. Have a wonderful festive holiday and many blessings to all!

  5. Cindy Lou Hoo says:

    Beautiful and simple! Love all the wreaths adorned with red ribbon! A show stopper!