Kindergarten blues and a big camera in our living room

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Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I cannot believe it is August 1st tomorrow, one more month and then school starts. My son is starting kindergarten and I’m not sure what I think of that. Things are going to be so different having him in school all day. Of course he has been going to pre-school but only in the mornings. A part of me is a little sad and the other part of me is wondering what my day will be like without him. My little man is growing up and I’m in a funk wondering where the time has gone? Have any of you ever felt like that?

Last week was an eventful week I must say. I cannot share the details yet but it involved this enormous thing,

Four Generations living under one roof photo shoot

It was a fun day and experience, let me tell you! Hopefully I can share in a few weeks :).

I’ve been working on our guest bathroom (my husband’s new bathroom) and our kitchen backsplash. I cannot decide if I want white subway tile or maybe beadboard? I would love a red or green glass tiled backsplash. How cool would that look with white cabinets? I have never tiled anything so I’m leaning towards the tile project, I need to learn sometime right? Have any of you tiled a backsplash before? Leave me some tips below if you have :).

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  1. I FINALLY registered my youngest for Kindergarten today. I knew this day had to come and maybe I’ve been subconsciously avoiding it. For once I’m kinda happy our kindergarten is only half day!

  2. Oh yes, the Kindergarten blues. I think I was traumatized enough with my first child, that I never sent my next 3 to school at all. lol. (Don’t be alarmed. We homeschool.) So it must be full-day K for your son? I checked the time a lot, and was always so happy to go pick her up! But, you may really enjoy all of the uninterrupted time you have on your hands!

    We’ve had cameras like that in our house before. Nerve-wracking, yet exciting. Huh? Can’t wait to get the whole scoop! And to see your bathroom and kitchen projects!

    1. haha, you made me laugh about not sending your next 3 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Hi!
    By all means we have tiled — bathrooms, kitchens, oh my! My best advice is to have two people working on it — one to cut and one to put the tile in place. Oh yeah, measure twice, cut once and wear safety glasses. Have fun!

    1. Thanks Heather. I still haven’t found a tile though that is in my budget. Why does glass tile have to be so expensive!? 🙁

  4. My daughter is about to start kindergarten as well and on Sunday when buying her some school clothes I started to cry in the check out line, I TOTALLY understand, lol!

  5. How exciting about that big camera!! Look forward to hearing more.
    I think adjusting to kindergarten can be harder for the mom than the child. But you’ll both get into a routine in no time, and the day will go by so fast – you won’t believe it!

  6. Can’t wait to find out about the camera? Another national news feature? 🙂 I’m actually waffling about a beadboard backsplash in our kitchen. I’m not sure though.

    1. I love beadboard in the kitchen but my new thought is a glass tile. I’m on a mission to find something economical but glass tile doesn’t seem to be economical 🙁

  7. oooh, sounds like an exciting “something!” can’t wait to hear more details.

  8. Jerri C. TN says:

    I am having Senior Year Blues…………… my oldest is about to start his senior year & it makes me so sad to think where all the years have gone.

  9. School must start later up there (I’m in GA). I wish we still had a month left. My eldest goes back for 1st grade this Thursday, I’m going to miss having her with me all day, summer flew by!

    I have a guess on the big camera, waiting to see if I’m right, but I bet it’s fantastic!

  10. Hi,
    My daughter starts PK soon. She was at a morning pre-school before but now that she is 4 we want her to start pk in this pk-12 private school. No more changes for the next 12 years. I am curious about something, you say you will miss having your son in the afternoons. May I ask what do you do in the afternoons with him? When I have my daughter here I feel guilty for not wanting to play with her or do things with her. I do, but limited to one or 2 main activities projects: we paint, play a game or a puzzle. Then I just tell her I have to do other things either, reading, cleaning a bit, laundry or cooking or whatever but i can’t be all the time with her. When i am not with her and i see her playing on her own I feel guilty for not wanting to be with her so it is a never ending guilty feeling. We do things outside of the house but i do not like to drag her to do major errands so single destinations are better. Sometimes we go to the park but not every afternoon.

    1. Hi, we actually do all those fun things to but I think it’s also good that he can entertain himself as well. I think it’s important that he is self sufficient in that area of “playing” alone sometimes. I am not a mom that thinks her kid has to be doing something 24/7. I believe in down time and simply “hanging out at home” and playing outside. I think it’s great to have a balance of school, fun time with family and fun time alone. The park and playground are great places to go that don’t cost $. We do that for riding bikes ect. We live on a busy road so learning to ride a bike has been a challenge but he’ll get it soon enough 🙂 Have a great rest of the summer and thanks for stopping by!

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