We just turned 3 {blogiversary} + $100 Home Goods Giveaway

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We just turned 3 last week. It’s a blogiversary celebration! This is the third blog post I have done in three years to recognize our growth as a family, DIY home projects and a slew of blessings, achievements and press features that have come our way since we started the blog 3 years ago. I say the same thing each year, “what the heck happened and how did we get here?” I also say, “never in a million years would I have thought I would be the ring leader of a blog. Never mind a blog about my family!” I can honestly say that now, our blog has turned into my full time job. I mean, I make a penny and hour but who cares, I am having a blast doing it!

Keep reading, we are giving away a $100 Home Goods gift card to one lucky reader!

we turned 3 last week blogiversary

The picture above is from our feature in the Boston Globe a few weeks ago. Over the past 12 months, we have had a couple minor trips to the hospital due to my grandparents age and deteriorating health but all in all as a family, we are fortunate.

we turned 3 last week blogiversary

The blog has grown substantially over the last year tripling in page views and daily visitors and we have been fortunate to have hooked up with some awesome sponsors who are rockstars to work with. Our DIY home projects and renovations are going strong and we have big plans for 2015. Our multigenerational family caught the attention of not only the Boston Globe but the Huffington Post as well where I conducted two live interviews on their main streaming network. That was kinda fun ;). We had a bunch of features over the last year which still continues to blow my mind. I mean, I work from my kitchen island in my pajama’s many days and the blog continues to thrive. It’s a crazy thing!

we turned 3 last week blogiversary

We shared many home makeovers, outdoor curb appeal and DIY projects as well as a new addition to the blog, our kitchen and our RV + Camping adventures. This blog is a funny thing, it not only lends to building relationships with major brands and local and national publications, it has given me the opportunity to make new friends in the blogosphere, connect with readers who are completely intrigued by our living arrangement and create a new adventure not only for myself but my family as well. My mom is thrilled with the addition of our kitchen section and my grandfather continues to be baffled by the brands we work with to complete DIY home projects and renovations. Our son even got his own blogging gig for the first time a couple weeks ago where he modeled some clothing for a company we were working for.

On to the next year and excited to see what the next 12 months bring! As a thank you to all of you who follow our blog and leave the best comments, we are giving away a $100 Home Goods gift card. The giveaway will end at midnight on September 7th, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random and will have 48 hours to respond to the email or another winner will be drawn.



What would you use the $100 Home Goods gift card for!!!?

Good Luck!!



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  1. I would definitely be looking at curtains and such, we are closing on our new home soon. I could use it million ways, all over the house! Thanks!

  2. I just moved a few weeks ago to the burbs from NYC. Id use the gift card to add accents to our new home. I love home his and found one less than a mile from my home!!

  3. My favorite part of your blog is your stories about your grandfather – he sounds like a hoot! I’d use the $100 gift card to use to decorate our new home that we share with my 80 year old Mom – we aren’t four generations under one roof, just three.

  4. We are building a book shelf and are in need of odds and ends to fill it in. Also in need of a tall lamp. 100.00 would help with all of that.

  5. I would love to put it towards a new area rug for our living room or the babies room, or pretty much anything in the store πŸ™‚

  6. Our household is also multi-generation (3) and we enjoy your blog πŸ™‚ If we were to win the gift card, it would go toward some autumn landscaping πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work and here is to many more years of blogging!!! Hugs to your sweet grandparents!!!

  7. I would use the $100 Home Goods gift card to add some lighting – we have lots of readers in our family and they need lamps!

  8. Jess – great job with your blog site! I love checking out your projects. I would love to use a Home Goods gift card to finish decorating our new house! I need some new wall decor and a fun, funky chair for our bedroom.

  9. Pillows, pillows, pillows! I have a dark leather sofa and I need some bright cheery pillows to dress it up. We are heading into fall, so I am on the lookout for some orange, blue, and maybe gold pillows. I may just head on over to Home Goods to look…. just in case. πŸ˜‰

  10. I would give it to our son who just bought a new house. A big one and could use a little help filling it with nice things.

  11. We just moved into a new home and it needs serious attention. The previous owner thought it was still the 80’s – Golden Girls’ style. For example, the master bedroom has orange, aqua, blue, and yellow paint with bright green trim. *sigh* All the bathrooms are wallpapered and have disfunctional storage spaces. $100 from Home Goods would be a real help!

  12. In the process of relocating to the Cape full time and would use it to bring some year round touches to the summer decor I have currently.

  13. I just relocated to a new city, new apartment, new job… so really the question is what would I NOT use a $100 HomeGoods gift card for?!

  14. Pinned to SugarBaby Wroblewski under Four Generations One Roof, shared on Facebook ,Twitter and Google. Happy 3rd Blogiversary!!

  15. I’d use it for decorating our kids’ rooms. We’re moving them all around since our youngest will soon be sharing a room with her older sister. Lots of new bedroom stuff will be required.

  16. I will use it to help in decorating my much needed porch area. With greenery, seating, decor and walkway lighting. My own little retreat within feet of my home.

  17. I usually go to Home Goods to buy gifts for my friends and family, I will probably treat myself finally, my latest purchase was last week, a wedding gift for our new neighbors! I LOVE HOMEGOODS SO MUCH!

  18. I don’t know! Eek! I love HG! I am looking for an area rug for my sitting room but I could easily get sidetracked towards another find! πŸ™‚

  19. The master bedroom or grandkids play room. After raising 6 children ages 16-18 (5 of them boys) and now with only 3 boys left at home finishing high school and college, I am ready to update our master bedroom!!! Or…. create a grandkid playroom – by March 2015 we’ll have 3 grandbabies 1 and under!!

    I so enjoy your blog.

  20. i am in the middle of creating a crafting room and i SERIOUSLY need organizational shelves and containers so this would be awesome!

  21. I am in the process of decorating my new house.
    Right now our house is mostly neutral colors (with some blues), but i would love to use the gift card to towards buying lamps/ accessories to give us some more color to our rooms!

  22. I would get my daughter some better lighting, lamps and such, for her college apartment, and she could also use a kitchen rug.

  23. I have a daughter off at college with a drab dorm room so I would use the card to help her and her roommate decorate!

  24. We just got a HomeGoods last year and I was so excited!!! My toddler is about to get her own room for the first time and I would love to decorate it special for her.

  25. Happy 3 year blogiversary!! I love your blog and reading all about your family!!! I would use the gift card to redecorate for fall. We need the inside to feel like fall since the outside never does in Florida!!!

  26. I’d use it to take my friend shopping to fix up her kitchen (she works part-time from home…often at her kitchen table)

  27. We’re moving to a new house in a few weeks with lots of rooms that will need decorating. Home Goods could definitely help me!

  28. I LOVE HomeGoods. So much so that I threatened my husband that I wouldn’t relocate to NH if there wasn’t a HomeGoods near by (there’s one the next town over:). I would use the $100.00 towards decor for the twin’s nursery. And to buy some BIG wine glasses for me (please refer to twin comment. Mamma needs her wine)!!!

  29. I would love some new paint for my living room or an area rug. Or kitchen rugs. Or a new dishwasher :). It’s endless. Thanks

  30. Congratualations on all your achievements, it’s always great to hear success stories and to know that hard work does pay (esp. when working as a team)! I would use the gift card to I am going to buy household furnishings (bath items, rugs, and we desperately needs side table in the living room).

  31. I’d use it to help furnish our 16 year old son’s bedroom. We just moved and he’s the best teenager I could ask for. (NO JOKE!!) We have a 13 year old special needs son and my oldest, Damian, is so good with him. He does everything he can to help him and make my life easier. I have RA and there are days I can hardly move but Damian is always there to do whatever needs to be done. He deserves a room he can relax and be a 16 year old boy, in. He deserves this. πŸ™‚

  32. our homegoods just opened 2 weeks ago! i have yet to check it out, but i would go and use it for some fall decorations!

  33. My son is turning 12 and needs an update on his bedroom. Curtains, comforter, some furniture and accessories. This GC would help me give him a great bedroom.

  34. I’d use the Home Goods gift card to buy fancy accessories for our RV, turning the bland mass produced decor into glamorous comfort. Plush throws, beautiful art, silk flower arrangements, mirrors, and more will make my RV the best in the campground!

  35. Congratulations on 3 yrs!! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog from the very beginning!!

    p.s. I would finally finish my master bedroom!!

  36. If I was the lucky winner, I would take help our daughter decorate their new DIY family room makeover. It is a several year project and finally almost done!

  37. I love,love,love Homegoods. I would propbably buy a hodgepodge of goodies because I like so much of what they have. In fact , I am I n Myrtle Beach. Sc today and heading to Homegoods in a short while.

  38. Oh my, how to choose frome so many wondful eye candy items at Home Goods? I wigould use my gift card for updating my sofa pillows to reflect the autumn months that are now here! Congratulations on 3 years – Woot Woot!

  39. Happy Blogiversary!! I LOVE HomeGoods. I would shop for bedroom bedding and maybe some Fall accessories. Thank you for the great giveaway!!

  40. I am currently giving my 25 year old kitchen a facelift so some new decorative items are in order as well as placemats, napkins, etc.

    Congratulations on three years!

  41. Oh Home Goods, how do I love thee? With a $100 gift card I could count the ways.
    Right now, my heart is set on a fireplace makeover so I would love to buy some beautiful things for the mantle like the tall glass vases I have passed by so many times at Home Goods and let’s not forget candles and maybe a wreath or a pretty throw. Or maybe all of the above!

  42. I love me some Homegoods! I would spend the money on new pillows for the Living room and/or family room and maybe to spruce up some Fall decor!

  43. Retirement is right around the corner for my husband…we are looking for creative updates and Home Goods is full of inspirations and goodies at great prices…thank you !!!

  44. We are in the process of tearing out and remodeling our kitchen, so I am sure I could put that $100.00 to good use!

  45. I would probably use the gift card for items to update my bathroom. But then, I might get side-tracked as I walk the aisles in my favorite store!

  46. That is a hard question to answer because Home Goods is one of my FAVORITE stores to shop!!! Sooo much merchandise to choose from. Eney meny miny mo. I will have some of everything until my $100 is gone. I have been helping my daughter fix up her home as it needs so much to do. This would really help!

  47. I would show some love to our master bedroom. It’s time for an update. Thanks for this awesome giveaway and congratulations!

  48. Hi! I just stumbled acrosa your blog and truly cant stop reading! You are so blessed to have ao many loved ones so close to you! May you have many more fun, happy, and fufilling years ahead of you!
    Home Goods is an awesome store! Were in the middle of a Master Bath, Id probably use the $100 to get some cute accent piece or linens.
    Thanks again! !

  49. First, I have to say, I’m a relatively new reader and I love your blog! You are so fortunate to have so many generations under one roof. My family is spread all over the country and it sure is tough to see them all. I love the way your incorporate everyone; what a special thing!

    Next, I am working on creating the second generation in my little household! I’m decorating a nursery right now and that’s what this gift card would go towards for my family! πŸ™‚

  50. I’ve been trying for years to get my parents to move in with us. I would love it. There are so many things that I would do with a gift car from HomeGoods. I think I may use it towards some storage. I need to get organized.

  51. I would get some new decor items for our living room that we’re in the midst of re-doing (new paint and hardwood floors).

  52. I don’t have a Home Goods where I live, so I have never been to one. I’m anxious to go to the one in Tampa! From what I hear about Home Goods, I’m sure I would have no problem whatsoever finding things to buy!

    Thank you!

  53. I definitely need a new comforter for my bed. Also, new towels for the bathroom, new rugs for the kitchen, a new lamp for the tv room. There is always a list!

  54. Congrats on 3 years. I enjoy seeing your grandpa smile. It would be great to treat myself to something new to wear. I’m usually in the toddler section buying for my granddaughter that lives with me.

  55. Wow! Time has really flown by. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. Congratulations to you and the entire family – who are all stars in my humble opinion ;).

    As for the Home Goods gift card, I would use it to update my fall dΓ©cor. I’m in desperate need of a wreath for my door, as well as something for a large antique wire urn I just scored at a flea market.

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  56. I love shopping at Home Goods!! With a new home, I KNOW we could find something lovely……such as their beautiful decorative glass items.

  57. I love your ideas it has imspired to do some DIY projects at my house. I’m always on the lookout at Home Goods for things to add to my decor.

  58. I’ve just discovered your blog in the last month. Love reading it! My daughter is getting married Spring. Home Goods is her favorite store! A $100 gift card would be a great gift I could give to her.

  59. I would use a $100.00 Home Goods Giveaway to do some redecorating in my home. My house is vintage 1980’s and is still in a time warp. I have recently started doing some small changes but with limited funds that makes it hard. The prize would be a fantastic help in updating some things.

  60. I’d use the $100 Home Goods for a bedroom ensemble for my son and daughter-in-law’s new home that they are moving to this month. I’ve been shopping at Home Goods nearly every day getting ideas to help them decorate.

  61. I would use the gift card to buy wash clothes. What? Lol, I am a school nurse in a Cleveland, Ohio and I teach a hygiene lesson to third grade students. I buy each student a bar of soap, wrap it up in a wash cloth and tie it with a bow. The kids love it! I have no budget so a gift card to Home Goods would come in handy!

  62. We just bought a 2nd home to be able to spend more time with our children and grandchildren, especially in the summer. We need everything! I have been to Home Goods several times already and would love to use the money there to buy lamps or items for our fireplace mantle.

  63. I was hoping to put out my fall decorations and they are old (12 years) and shabby so I did not even unpack them. I would definitely use the $100 for new fall dΓ©cor.

  64. Love watching your DIY projects. They provide inspiration and ideas for our house.

    Home Goods has such great linens. The gift certificate would come in handy to revamp the bath!

  65. I really enjoy following your blog and especially your RV camping adventures..You and the family have done an awesome job on your camp site.
    I am in the process of redoing our dining room..The holidays will be here before we know it. l want to have a pretty cozy place for my friends and family to gather. This gift card would help with paint or maybe new material as l plan on recovering all my dining room chairs.
    Thank you and best wishes to your family..Gail

  66. We just bought a condo in Fort Worth after moving here in January. I really could use the $100 to decorate. I would use it to buy accessories to make it look both cozy and elegant. Its been a huge change moving from a much larger home in Ohio and downsizing to 2 bedrooms, no basement, and no garage. Yikes. So, I am looking to really make our new home into comfy nest.

  67. First of all, Happy 3rd Blogiversary! πŸ™‚
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I grew up in a multigenerational family and actually miss it. God’s many blessings to your family.

    With my too many projects that need to be finished, a $100.00 gift card would be a blessing and would give me the motivation to finish them.

  68. I will give it to my son so he can decorate his daughters room. She’s 1 years old and he needs some cute things for her.

  69. I would give it to my son so he can decorate his daughters room. She’s 1 years old and needs things for her room.

  70. i cant recall if i did this but id buy some pillows and a new lamp and congrats loving pictures keep up the good work

  71. Decisions decisions….Hmmmm…I could use some new throw pillows for my couch. Or maybe a nice area rug for my kitchen. A $100 gift card would definitely help. Fingers crossed!;)

  72. I would use the money to repair the tile in my bathroom. The tile has been falling in my tub for several years but I don’t have the money to repair it.

  73. I would love to spend it on new throw pillows for my family room!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  74. I think your blog is awesome and enjoy seeing how you make generational living work! My husband and I are houseparents for a residential program where children are so desperate to have the kind of love and support you have in your family. We don’t realize sometimes what we have until we see those who don’t have it and see the pain in their eyes from not having a functional family. Please continue to keep us informed on how this works for you! And, oh yeah, we’re fixing to start on a kitchen makeover, so,….. I would love the gift card from one of my favorite places to shop! God Bless!

  75. I would use the gift card to update my decorations for my home and with the great prices at Home Goods I could do a lot of updating. I just made my first visit to Home Goods last week and I was amazed at everything I saw. I felt like a kid in an amusement park. I can hardly wait to return and enjoy the adventure again.

  76. Congratulations on the anniversary! We just bought our new home and close in a matter of days so we are looking forward to decorating and DIY projects. Thanks for the ideas!

    Diana C

  77. Congratulations on three wonderful years and many more to come. I love looking at your makeovers, they always give such inspiration. Homegoods is my secret hideaway, totally takes my mind away from a bad day….I would love to put the $100 towards a new entry table, I stenciled my entrance wall and it needs a pop of color….something with turquoise.

  78. Happy Blogiversary! Love your blog. Your son is so lucky living with so many people who love him. I am a huge Home Goods fan, I would use the gift card to buy some new bake ware, unless something else catches my eye.

  79. 4 generations under my roof. we bought this house last year after Mom died to accommodate Dad moving in. he is handicapped. We sold a lot of our treasures to make this move and to incorporate Mom’s stuff to make Dad’s transition smoother. I just need a shopping day all about me. I want to complete my master bedroom.

  80. I’m revamping my kitchen so I would definitely have FUN shopping at homegoods, my favorite store.

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