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Decorating a pet friendly home

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Today, we are sharing decorating a pet friendly home. As many of you know, we got a new puppy named Murphy over a month ago and he is doing well! He is seriously, the most spoiled little puppy on the planet. He loves to sit on my dads lap at night while he watches tv and really likes hanging out with my grandfather and husband at 5am!-ha. Those two get up early so Murphy gets up early too. My mom can’t wait until he is a little older and he can do the barn night check with her and our boxer. Yep, my mom checks on the horses at night before she goes to bed. Anyway, today I am sharing a cute video that I recently did for Wayfair on how to incorporate pet accessories in your home. Many think we are crazy having a white sectional couch with pets and kids but my motto is, buy what you love and work with hit. I know, some say white isn’t practical but in my mind it is, as long as you can wash it. Slipcovers are a wonderful thing.

Check out my latest video.

Love these adorable pet items?

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Isn’t that outdoor dog chaise awesome? I personally love bright colors and pattern for the summer months and adding dogs beds that coordinate with the rest of our home decor is fun and it looks good ;). My mom just picked up a cute new dog bed for their new camper. Yes they got a camper too! So not only do we live together but we now camp together too.-ha. I know, some of you might think we are nuts (we kind of are…) but that’s how we roll around here.  More on that subject soon. PS. This post contains affiliate links so thank you in advance for the few pennies we get if you buy something. This post is also sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions and words are 100% my own.


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