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How to save a hummingbird with Sugar Water

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How to save a hummingbird with sugar water isn’t exactly a DIY or decorating post but I had to share the cute moment that happened with my mom and son. One of the guys who was siding the new shed, happened to see the hummingbird laying on the ground and when my mom checked him out, she saw he was barely breathing.

how to save a hummingbird with sugar water

Hummingbird Rescue

My son grabbed a plastic cover from a ziploc container and they scooped him up and placed a hydrangea flower under him with hopes of reviving him.

how to save a hummingbird with sugar water and hydrangea

We were not sure what to do so of course, I posted this picture of him on my Facebook page and everyone said, give him sugar water.

water in pot with sugar in measuring cup

Hummingbird food recipe sugar water ratio

We boiled 4 cups of sugar water and added 1 cup of sugar. We removed the mixture from the heat and stirred until the sugar was dissolved.

Once it was cool, we used a syringe that my son had in his science kit and added drops of the sugar water on the hydrangea which the bird started to peck at the flower.

Others also said to try placing the syringe full of sugar water near the beak as shown in this picture below from the Instructables website.

how to save a hummingbird with sugar water

How to save a hummingbird with sugar water.

The hummingbird seemed to be shivering so we placed the plastic cover in the sun near the chicken coop and after a few minutes, it flew away!

My son was so happy that they saved the hummingbird and it was actually pretty fun watching my mom and son save it together.

blue ziploc lid and purple hydrangea bloom with sugar water

I thought for sure it was going to die but after a few minutes of drinking the sugar water and sitting in the sun, it was better.

We seem to have a lot of hummingbirds at our house and unfortunately, they are constantly flying into the large windows in the back of our house. My guess is, this guy flew into the window and stunned himself.





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  1. Juanita in OH says:

    What a wonderful thing to share! Thank you to the angels in your family for this blessing.

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