How to make reindeer

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My gramps has been working on our handmade christmas decorations for the last 7 months! I am not kidding. The man has been in his workshop everyday for months making reindeer and santa sleighs. One afternoon last month, I took a break from our bathroom renovation project and learned how to make reindeer.  He has quiet the setup in his workshop so needless to say, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out.

how to make reindeer

My gramps has made 75 reindeer so far and is still cutting them out!

how to make reindeer

This is actually a super easy project. The scroll saw was a bit intimidating at first but really easy to use after about 5 minutes of cutting. We started with a 1/2 inch piece of pine and traced the reindeer onto the wood. Once you have your pattern, just start cutting. My gramps got me started by showing me how to start the cuts.

how to make reindeer

Now it’s my turn. You could use this method for ornaments, signs or any handmade christmas decoration.

how to make reindeer

Once my reindeer was cut out, I used mod podge, glitter and silver “glitter blast” spray to pretty up my wooden reindeer. My gramps was disgusted with me because I didn’t stain it. He rolled his eyes and said, “kid, I don’t know about you.”

how to make reindeer

I had some left over fleece fabric from my dog sweater tutorial so I made a no sew blanket for him.

how to make reindeer

Our elf on the shelf has made his debut.

how to make reindeer

I decided that my little guy needed a friend so I cut out another reindeer and blasted her with white crystal glitter.

how to make reindeer

I hope you enjoyed our how to make reindeer tutorial and we have inspired you to make some of your own handmade christmas decorations. If you don’t have a scroll saw, you can always use foam density board (purchased at any craft store) and use a scoring knife to cut out around your pattern. You don’t have to use wood!

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  1. Those reindeer are super cute and I love that your grandfather helped you with them. Men just don’t understand the whole glitter thing. 😀

    1. He is sure is Ashely. The man has every tool under the sun 🙂 Some are 100 years old but they work. ha! Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

  2. These are too cute! I can’t believe your g-pa has made so many! That’s awesome! I love your blinged out Rudolph! Hey now, Elf has to arrive in style right?

    1. He’s up to like, 100 now plus a gabillion sleighs. The sleighs are pretty cool. If I have get to it, I’ll do a tutorial 🙂

  3. It’s so great that you get to work with your grandfather like this! Cute project!

  4. What are you going to do with 75 reindeer?

    1. My gramp gives all 9 reindeer pulling a sleigh as gifts to friends and family 🙂

  5. The recipients of your Gramp’s reindeer and sleigh are going to love them. Please tell your Gramp’s if he has an extra set he’s welcome to send them my way! 🙂

  6. Jessica,
    I was wondering if you would mind please emailing or posting the pattern for the reindeer. I would love to make these reindeer with my dad this Christmas too! It looks like so much fun! I tried to find the pattern on your blog but I couldnt locate it. If you would be able to email please at LNRUFFING@comcast.net. I really look forward to making these too! I just love your stories of your family. We live in a multigenerational home as well. Three generations here…and it really works! Thank you! Lauren

    1. Hi Lauren, I am sorry I don’t have a pattern. My grandfather had wooden cut out patterns and when we moved, a lot got donated and many are still packed in boxes in our barn. Sorry! That’s awesome you have 3 generations !!!! 🙂

  7. I was wondering if you would have time to trace one of your grandfather’s reindeer. I have made a pattern of my grandfather’s reindeer and wanted to share it here. Do you have a woodshop in your new home? I also worked with my grandfather in his woodshop. He is also in Heaven since 2011. I miss him very much. His tools were destroyed by his son and grandson when my grandfather loaned them to him. : ( But I have some of my father’s wood tools that I am going to try to use. My Mama’s blog is https://southernstyleonfifthavenue.blogspot.com/ Please visit there when you have a chance!
    Her name is Debra Ruffing. I wondered if you would check for the pattern so I could make both your grandfathers and my grandfathers deer. It is to honor your family and mine…my Mama and I got the idea of 3 generations from your blog. We love your blog…and are wishing you the best. I know your grandparents are in heaven…my husband left but it was for the best as he was abusing me and the children…so we are still three generations under one roof here as well. Perhaps one day we will meet! Thank you so much for checking for the pattern Jessica.
    Lauren Ruffing and Debra Ruffing

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