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How to lose 10 pounds and love your Pants

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How to lose 10 pounds and love your pants! Kind of a silly title right? I couldn’t figure out how to word it so I just named the post what I was thinking.  I am jumping off topic today with something that I know hits home with many people, clothes and weight.  For me, figuring out how to lose 10 pounds without starving was my goal earlier this year.  It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 5, 10, 25 or 100 pounds, it’s all about making the commitment and following through. 

how to lose 10 pounds and love your pants | blush sweater and jeans

Cardigan Sweater | Jeans | Boots

Like many of you, I love junk food and while I still eat it, I don’t crave it anymore. Hallelujah! I have to tell you, when I decided earlier this year to rid myself from the 10 pounds that continually aggravated me, it wasn’t easy. Having a child and turning 40 years old completely changes your body and it took me forever to wrap my head around that.  

Green hooded cardigan sweater

Black Hat | Cardigan (similar – mine sold out) | Shoes | Black Leggings 

This winter I am loving the long cardigan sweaters. I have been wearing them in place of a coat because big bulky coats are a pain when getting in and out of the car all day. I am usually running around all day driving from place to place so I find it easier to wear a sweater. Plus, most sweaters look super cute with a knit hat! I think it completes the outfit 😉. 

how to lose 10 pounds and love your pants | black leggings and black sleeveless top

Black Leggings | Sleeveless top | Black Bodysuit | Black Hat

How to lose 10 pounds and love your Pants

Clothes that fit you well can be a confidence booster. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at me or even giggling but I believe that! There is nothing worse than shimmying into a pair of jeans that are either too tight or are not flattering. Do you know what I mean? There is something to say for pants that fit good. Right? Thankfully my friend introduced me to an amazing nutritional program that was a game changer for me. Email or comment below if you want more info on that. Who would have ever thought a shake would rock my world and become my new love 😉. I remember saying I would try the 30 day system with the intent on not continuing (I didn’t know what I didn’t know…..) and after 2 weeks I couldn’t believe how good I felt. It was crazy!

Would you like to know how to lose 10 pounds? Let me know, I will help you. 

Side note: black leggings are a must have for any wardrobe. I wear these with heels, uggs or sneakers. Fitness tops or a cute satin sleeveless top. They are perfect for holiday parties as they can be dressed up or down. 

The blush soft cozy cardigan below is also super cute with pajamas. I don’t want to say it’s like a bathrobe but it works when you are cold and looks cute. I wish I snapped a picture the other day when I was wearing it with my long john style holiday pajamas. 

how to lose 10 pounds and love your pants | blush sweater

Cardigan Sweater #1 | Cardigan Sweater #2 

How to lose 10 pounds and love your Pants

When I am shopping for clothes I am always thinking, how many outfits can I get out of this piece? I also focus on fit not the size. Things run small, big, wide and long so I always go with how it feels. For those of you wondering about my grandfather, he is still the same. If you follow me on facebook, I shared an update a couple days ago. This month so far has been really busy with holiday festivities, school events for my son and a lot of running around trying to prepare for Christmas. I am looking forward to taking some time off towards the end of the month, doing fun things with my son and wrapping my head around the fact that it will be 2019 soon! 


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  1. Sue Stafford says:

    I would like to know how to loose 10 pounds.

  2. JANE TALBERT says:

    Please send me the 10-pound weight-loss info.

  3. You look great, and you always wear such cute outfits! That is frustrating sometimes that sizes fit differently, depending on the clothes. It’s hard to know what size to try on! The picture on FB of you and your grandpa made me smile. At least he doesn’t mind having his picture taken.

    1. Hey Brenda! Thank you 🙂 My gramp always has loved being a part of my blog and social media. I remember when he was very active and we were all living together, he would love being on video and having his pictures taken for blog posts. It’s been such a change this year with my gram passing, him in the nursing home and just a ton of other things that have changed in the past year. Looking forward to 2019 being BETTER!!!

  4. Rozz Aucella says:

    I would like to know how to loose 10 pounds

  5. I would love to hear more about your nutritional program!

  6. Jennifer Ketchum says:

    would like to lose weight…can you email me?

  7. Curious about the program…

  8. Hi Jessica, I have been following you for about 2 years now, through all the joys and sorrows you’ve encountered with both your grandparents, the loss of your parents’ camper, and of course your big move earlier this year and all the beautiful changes you’ve made along the way. Unfortunately I’ve been rather lax the past few months in keeping up with you, as we also moved this summer, and there are still things to do (aren’t there always?). I’m looking forward to a New Year, and hopefully a “New Me”. I would love to hear about how I can lose 10 lbs. to accomplish this. Thank you so much and do keep blogging,

  9. I would like the info on the nutritional program you have been using

  10. Would love info on what program you are using please.

  11. Adrienne Johnston says:

    I would like to lose 10 pounds

  12. Ruth Reaves says:

    Would love info on how to lose 10 lbs

  13. Natalie Aloyets Artel says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I have now tried a few of the meal replacement shakes from a local woman who coaches the program and like them. I would like to work with you if possible to buy my stuff through you for added privacy. Can I do that? I contacted you before. I am interested and ready for this and want to buy the green tea flavor although I also like chocolate. Please share details and how I can buy through you.
    Many thanks in walking this health journey with me.

  14. Can you please send me the information on your program?

  15. I would like to know how to loose 10 pounds.

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