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How to decorate a shelf for spring {our spring mantel}

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Today I am sharing how to decorate a shelf for spring. Last Christmas I added a new shelf to our family room and it was one of the easiest projects I have ever done. Who would have thought that a 30″ piece of wood would add so much character and provide fun styling opportunities for me! I recently re-arranged the furniture and added our chest of drawers from another room and placed it under this shelf.

Daffodils and boxwood, a pretty combination.

spring mantel

Before I go any further though, thank you so much for all your sweet comments, shares and pins on our “how to make curtains using burlap” tutorial from last Monday. Holy smokes, I think that is the most popular project yet on this blog! The burlap curtains that I am referencing are the ones below.

spring mantel closeup of burlap curtain

I decided to shop our house and give myself a $10 budget for this spring mantel. I am happy to say that the cost of the faux daffodils were my only expense, coming in well under $10.

I purchased the daffodils at Michaels Craft’s a couple weeks ago when they were having their giant sale which saved 50% per stem.  I added water to the vases that I already had from Home Goods to give the illusion that they were real. I’m not a fan of faux flowers but these are ok. They look real enough for me.

spring mantel

TIP: I spray my faux flowers with clear acrylic  “gloss” spray made for crafting and flowers. If you want the appearance of a bright shiny flower, try this technique. Don’t spray to much on the flowers but just enough to brighten up the color.

spring mantel daffodil

I added the flying doves that I purchased from Target last spring, one of our wooden cutting boards from our kitchen as well as a white pottery pitcher from Home Goods filled with faux boxwood. I also added the Pottery Barn DIY speckled Easter eggs that we made a couple weeks ago.

spring shelf mantel family room

How to decorate a spring mantel can actually be really easy if you tell yourself you cannot spend any money. I know, that sounds strange but sometimes when my budget is a little more, I end up buying things unnecessarily and then become overwhelmed with what to do with it. Does that make any sense? My grandmother asked me what I was doing a couple days ago (I was working on this mantel) and she said, I hope you didn’t buy anything, you have so much stuff already! She is right, I took a page out of her book and spent under $10 for the daffodils and I’m pleased with how it looks. This entire “look”, under $20 between the mantel and the drapery. If you love the curtains, be sure to check out how I made these burlap curtains for under $7 a panel. Do you have any inexpensive shelf decorating tips to share? Leave them in the comments below, I would love to hear to them!   

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  1. Your Spring shelf/décor is so…Springy. 😉 I am inspired to get my mantle looking springy as well. Thank you. I’m horrible about leaving things alone because of my “it’s so pretty just the way it is” mentality. I may have a pretty fall mantle, etc way into Spring. 😉 I just brightened up all of my walls though so my mantle needs to change with the times as well. I also think your chest of drawers is gorgeous. And you had me fooled with the daffodils. Very pretty!

  2. JESSICA!!!!!!!

    Your pictures are AMAZING!!!!! I have pinned and will pin some more and put those flowers in my teeth and dance the Macarena. 🙂

    Happy day rock star!

  3. I like the boxwood in the pitcher. I’m in Arizona and my roses are blooming, think I’ll cut a few and put them in a pitcher. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Laura Gee says:

    Love the look!! Love the name of your website. What a treasure chest of wisdom & ideas you have access to with 4 generations!! Yes Granma had the right idea on this….You came up with a beautiful, simple yet elegant & “springy” look! Glad I found your blog….will be checking you out frequently.

  5. I love the white doves on the wall which gave me the confidence to paint some similar birds that I have stashed at home! I love the fact you found things around the house to decorate this space. I am in the decorating stage of a bath room remodel and other than a new shower curtain, I want to use things that I already own. Now if spring would come and I could do some spray painting outside!!

  6. Very cute and sweet! I have to decorate my home’s mantle for spring — it is look very barren and unloved right now!

  7. Wish you could come help me with my house Jess!! LOVE how this all looks!

    1. Thanks Cheryl 🙂 I bet we will be seeing your new tufted couch in many room makeovers to come 🙂

  8. Hi, I just love all of your work and decorating. In the article on spring mantel you have a beautiful dresser, can you please tell me what color that is? I love it and would like to do one my self for my home. I hope you can remember I just love love love it.
    Thank you